Follow the Reader Recap & Finding the Time

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by Angela (Malle’s posting because of Thanksgiving)

Last Friday I participated in a Twitter chat with Kat Meyer, from Follow the Reader, and anyone who was interested in joining in and asking questions about Carina Press. There were a lot of great questions and the hour flew by (my fingers were flying too, trying to keep up!) Kat has posted a recap of that Twitter conversation here, as well as a link where you can read the transcript of the hour-long Q&A.

I was also a guest blogger on author Lauren Dane’s blog for a Writerly Wednesday post this past Wednesday. I blogged about finding time to write, edit and promote.

There will be more of these links coming in the next few weeks as I’ve been asked to do a few blog interviews. I’ll post them here as they come available.

One thought on “Follow the Reader Recap & Finding the Time”

  1. I read your article and agree that a person makes time for what they love. My writing habits come from years of staying up late after everyone went to bed so that I had quiet time to write. Since I’m not … repeat … not a morning person, this worked well with a hubby and two kids and a day-job. Even the dog never asked to go out since it was bed time! :}

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