Happy New Reviews


Happy New Year’s! I’m jumping the gun a little bit, but I wanted to see how everybody’s reading challenge(s) went for 2010. When I first started this position in May 2010, I set myself a goal to read 25 Carina titles by the end of the year. I only managed to read 10 of them… […]

A Carina year in review


It’s hard for me to look back at 2010 and say “here’s what we did” because honestly? It feels like there was so much of it. 2010 was our year of launch. And since we only announced our existence in November 2009, that means we did…pretty much everything that was needed for launch during the […]

Who’s in Charge, Here?


My characters are MY characters. I made them up. I wrote them down. They exist in my head and on my hard drive. They aren’t living, breathing people that take over my mind. They aren’t my babies or children or friends. No flesh, no blood, just ink and pixels and paper and screens. And yet… Delia, […]

Come Into My Catacomb


Last year I dreamt of James. I’d known him as a child, but he moved when I was ten and I forgot him. Almost 30 years later he crawled up through the darkness startled me awake. While I hate to think I forget people, I’m amazed that I really don’t—everyone I’ve interacted with, I am […]

A book-filled Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas from the Carina Press team. We hope your holiday brings books of every size, shape, format and genre and that your home is filled with the warmth of love and laughter.