Review Links and Random Thoughts


The other day I was really sick. When this happens, I tend to just lie around on the couch and do… well, a whole lot of nothing. My book-a-holic self makes a valiant effort to make a dent in the TBR pile, but my mind ends up wandering in and out of the plot with […]

Show me something novella


Sorry, sometimes I can’t help but play with the blog titles. Earlier this week, while participating in an #askeditor chat on Twitter, someone asked if we were looking for/accepting novellas. The answer is emphatically yes and I mentioned that I’d been preparing a call for novellas. As we plan our 2011 publication schedule, I’ve noted […]

Tis the Season…already


I have a confession. I have a mixed relationship with the Holiday season. Once Halloween (a.k.a. the bane of my waistline’s existence) is out of the way, suddenly the festive season is upon you. As a Canadian, I was “thankful” several weeks ago, so my next big Holiday is Christmas. That’s right I’m invoking the […]

Zombie Chickens and Scorpions


I’ve lived in big cities, little towns, and now my address is in the middle of nowhere. Evidently, I’m very adaptable. :) I think of all the places I’ve lived, I’ve enjoyed this last home the best. A quarter mile to the north, there’s a big cat preserve while my neighbor to the south raises […]

True Believers: Behind Closed Doors


I think my favorite part of any story is right before the MOMENT. You know the one. It’s that hesitation right before imminent carnal knowledge. The excerpt below is one such moment. Jessit has Rachel right where he wants her, but not the way she expected. Take a look. *** Jessit stood at a curtained […]