Waiting for the Sequel


By Amy Wilkins, Harlequin Digital & Carina Press Acquisition Team Don’t tell Angela, but I’m glad my Carina Press acquisition reading has been light for the last couple weeks. Why? I’ve started a massive reread of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series to gear up for the HBO TV series AND book […]

Fairy Tale Retellings


We’re all adults here, at least I hope we are, so why would we be interested in fairy tales? Folklore, fairy tales, myths and legends are timeless simply because they are so ancient. There’s no way to know how old some of them are because, even before they were written down, they were part of […]

From Harlequin Reader To Writer


It’s only natural that some of my best writer memories are with Harlequin, because so many of my reader adventures started with them. eHarlequin Hosty Rae is who got me started submitting to them. And my first release for Carina Press, Memories Of You, is dedicated to her and to Carla Cassidy, one of my […]

Welcome To My Fantasy


“The plane! The plane!” Yeah, I’ll just own it. I used to love Fantasy Island. There was something so exciting about a place you could go where things you desired came true. When I grew up and started writing romances, especially the spicier ones, it was obvious to me that so much of what I […]

Introducing Edward Beauchamp


I owe an apology to Edward because this interview was supposed  to post last Monday, but I had a computer meltdown that morning and it completely slipped my mind. The first thing I must tell you about Edward is that he pronounces his name wrong. He says it’s Beechum. I’m telling you, I believe it’s […]