Howdy Ma’am

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The Outlaw Bride I love me a good cowboy. I love the grittiness of the Old West, the challenges settlers faced, the lawlessness, the imperfect justice, the simplicity of life (not that it was simple by any means!), the sense of community and family. I was weaned on Clint Eastwood’s spaghetti westerns. My Saturday mornings as a kid were filled with re-runs of The Big Valley and Bonanza. I devoured Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series. I greeted my mother in the morning with a, ‘Howdy, ma’am.’ Writing in this genre was a natural fit for me.

Natural, but not easy. The Outlaw Bride took many twists and turns from first draft to final submission. Characters came and went, relationships changed, people lived, then died, then were resurrected, only to be killed off again. Subplots met a similar fate. At one point, my manuscript ballooned to 110,000 words (this was around Revision 4), before finally being culled back, streamlined, refocused. I was done.

Or so I thought.

An 11th hour epiphany sent me back to the drawing board. It was one of those moments where you’re shaking your head wondering how the heck you could have missed something so obvious. Of course Rogan should be Kate’s husband, not her brother-in-law! One final sweep of the manuscript fixed this last element then off to Carina Press it went.

I received The Call in August 2010 while at work. It came in on my cell while I spoke to my boyfriend on my office phone (I was hard at work as you can see…). I hung up on him then in stunned silence listened as Angela James told me they would love to publish The Outlaw Bride. In fact, I think my first words to her, once the brain freeze wore off, were, “That was so worth hanging up on my boyfriend for!” Luckily he’s the forgiving sort. But hey, no one ever did say the road to true love ran smooth.

A fact Connor and Kate learned the hard way.

Katherine Slade has two goals: to escape her outlaw husband and to find the family of the man who died saving her life. Taking the place of a mail-order bride isn’t part of her plan—until she’s forced to continue the charade and become Sheriff Connor Langston’s housekeeper to stay out of jail. Pretending to be another woman is hard, but Katherine’s real challenge is resisting her growing attraction to the handsome lawman…

Falling in love is the last thing Connor needs, even if the rest of Fatal Bluff wants him to. His hands are full with a band of outlaws threatening the safety of his town, and a child to raise. But Kate has a way of getting under his skin and into little Jenny’s heart. Soon Connor can’t get the fiery beauty out of his head—along with his suspicion that Kate isn’t who she claims to be.

When Connor learns the truth about Kate, is there any way for this outlaw bride to become the sheriff’s wife?

You can buy The Outlaw Bride HERE.

I hope you enjoy your journey to Fatal Bluff as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Facebook: Kelly Boyce, Author

Twitter: @KellyLBoyce

Bio: Kelly Boyce hails from Nova Scotia where cowboys are scarce but Scotsmen are plenty. A big history buff, she writes all time periods but has a soft spot for the Old West. She is currently at work on Book 2 in the Brides of Fatal Bluff series. She loves to hear from readers and hopes you’ll swing by and see her on Facebook and Twitter.

8 thoughts on “Howdy Ma’am”

  1. Julia Smith says:

    I love the image I now have in my head of a younger you saying ‘Howdy, ma’am’ to your mom!

  2. What a great Call story!

  3. Kelly Boyce says:

    It was really hard not to whoop and holler in my cubicle at the time. Didn’t want to scare my podmates!

  4. kaylea cross says:

    Hi, Kelly. Hello from a fellow Canuck Carina author :)

    I love hearing “the call” stories, and yours is very entertaining. Congrats on the book, and I’m adding it to my TBR list. I love sexy cowboys.

  5. Kathy Ivan says:

    Your call story is a hoot! I love good, solid, sexy western historicals and they are so hard to find. I’ll definitely be adding this one to my “to be downloaded” list. :-)

    Congratulations on your release.

  6. Lilly Cain says:

    Hi Kelly! I couldn’t get online yesterday with everything going on, but I wanted to say hi! I love your call story – even though I heard as soon as it happened! :) Congratulations again on you first (of many!) books with Carina. I’ve already downloaded my copy!!!


  7. Kelly Boyce says:

    Thanks Lilly – and I hope you’re feeling better! I would recommend chicken soup and curling up with a good book. :)


  8. January Rowe says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Your cover man is yummiliscious! Get that shirt ALL the way off, mister!

    I got a big kick out of how your real world is full of Scotsmen, yet you write about cowboys. My real world is full of cowboys (I live in Colorado, and we all think it’s Wyoming), yet I write about Silicon Valley folk.

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