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Find Carina Press staff and editorial freelancers online around the internet!

Carina Facebook: If you haven’t visited recently, our social media team keeps the conversation going every day, with links, questions, cover art and more!

Carina Twitter: We share information about our authors, reviews, sales and what’s going on at Carina!

Carina Newsletter: Our newsletter is evolving to bring you more information, recommendations from staff, and of course, coupon codes!

Carina Press Editorial Update Newsletter: Our monthly editorial newsletter provides the latest on submissions, special calls, staff news, and more!

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Follow our authors on Twitter via our list here

Team social media networks:

Angela James (me!): Twitter, Facebook, website and newsletter

Kerri Buckley: Twitter

Stephanie Doig: Twitter 


You can also follow all of our team on Twitter via the Carina Press team list here

Freelance editors on Twitter:

Deborah Nemeth

Rhonda Stapleton

Alissa Davis

Mackenzie Walton

Lauren Plude

Anne Scott

Penny Barber


You can follow the Carina Press editor list here

You can also see longer descriptions of all our editors, what they’re looking for and links to their social media here.

9 thoughts on “Carina Press Social Media”

  1. Ruth A Casie says:

    Hi Angela –

    Have a great vacation. Thank you for helping me get connected. It certainly is a learning experience.

    Speaking of learning, Jenny and Amy gave a wonder Twitter 101 Live Meeting yesterday.

  2. Enjoy your vacation Angela!! I’m finally learning (and enjoying) the art of Twitter :)

  3. Have a great vacation, Angela.

    Thanks for the lists. I thought I had everyone. Not even close. And now my Twitter account is exploding!

  4. Hello,

    I’m having a problem with your guidelines. When I point my mouse to “How should I format my book?” it doesn’t do anything. I checked my mouse for errors but nothing is wrong with it. And I searched for more information on your website. The only one that directs us to formatting is “How should I format my book?”

    So, will you please email that information to me? Thank you very much,

    Tahirah Takera

  5. Angela James says:

    Hi Tahirah,

    All you need to do is scroll down on that page to get to that section :)


  6. Mary S. Palmer says:

    I have tried to submit a fantasy novel entitled Chance for Redemption: An Easter Story but it said it’s an invalid address.

    Please advise as to how to make submissions.

    Thank you,

    Mary S. Palmer

  7. Angela James says:

    Hi Mary,

    As long as you’re using the submissions address on the submissions guidelines page, which is the tab at the top of this page (I never give out the address, I make everyone go to that page so they have to read the guidelines ;) ) that’s the correct address and it works because we’ve been getting submissions there!

    Let me know if your problems continue, even after trying to send from an alternate email address or email program!

  8. Does Carina Press accept submissions from the Caribbean?

  9. Angela James says:

    Our authors are located around the world, Mona.

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