Fantasy Week: The Cast of Thousands


If you’re a reader of fantasy, you know that some of the most successful series have large character casts.  Consider Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series, with Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Moiraine, Thom, Lan (just to name a few without even pulling the books out), each of which has their own story line that […]

Photo Friday: San Diego


We’re going to try something a little new here on the Carina blog. Since I do so much traveling (and often take a lot of pictures when I go), we’re going to share a picture every Friday here on the blog. But the pictures won’t always be of my travels. Sometimes they’ll be behind-the-scenes photos […]

RWA Nationals: Let me tell you something important!


Next week is RWA Nationals, and we have some special events going on that I’d like to tell you about–and not just for authors, but for bloggers as well. Read on. First, on Tuesday from 9a-4p (with a one hour break for lunch) all Harlequin authors (for anyone out there who’s a doubter, Carina Press […]

Going Back to My Roots


Long, long ago when I stumbled upon my first adult romance book (I started out reading the teen romances by Silhouette. Anyone remember those? Oh, how I loved them.), I devoured my mom’s tattered copy of The Flame and The Flower. I was hooked. I then found a book by Jude Deveraux and proceeded to […]

Books…lost worlds waiting to be discovered


Every time I crack open a new book, I feel like I’m uncovering a lost civilization. A world, new to me but possibly old to others, with its own rules, structure and inhabitants. I become an anthropologist. An archeologist. A treasure hunter. My thirteen-year-old twin sons have long been fascinated with lost civilizations, both real […]