Congratulations, Shannon Stacey!

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We at Carina Press are thrilled to congratulate Shannon Stacey on her very first appearance on the New York Times Bestseller List. Shannon moved onto the list at #33, with her newest contemporary romance release, Yours to Keep.

In addition, Yours to Keep has been on the Barnes and Noble bestselling Nookbooks list within the top ten since it’s release in early June, going as high as #3. Yours to Keep has been keeping company with such releases as Smokin’ Seventeen by Janet Evanovich and A Dance with Dragons by George. R. R. Martin.

We’re so proud of Shannon’s hard work and dedication to her profession over the past decade, which have helped her grow her career to this point. We’re also extremely proud to have a Carina Press book place on this list only one year after we began publishing books.

And as a side note, and in keeping with the spirit of this blog, I’ll tell you that I was totally thrilled to call Shannon and give her the news last week–and when I called, I warned her I might not get through telling her without crying. And I didn’t. In fact, I was weepy on her behalf for hours after our call. We’ve been working together for many, many years, and many, many books, and I’ve watched her incredible growth as an author. I’ve loved her books since the start, and it’s a tremendously amazing part of my job to be able to say that I love them even more with every book.

Congratulations, Shannon! (now get back to work, you have deadlines to meet!)

17 thoughts on “Congratulations, Shannon Stacey!”

  1. Jean says:

    Wonderful news for both Shannon and Carina Press. Congratulations — all of you.

  2. Stacy Gail says:

    This is so exciting! Congratulations to Shannon Stacey and the hard-working team at Carina Press. Well done!

  3. Now I’m all weepy again. I don’t think I even need to explain how it feels for me personally, but I’ll tell you it’s a huge rush for me seeing Carina Press on there after my name. I’m so glad the NYT does that because the team pours so much enthusiasm and work into these books and this moment is really ours, not mine.

    And like Angela said, this didn’t start for us when she signed Yours To Keep. This happy dance time comes from years of her telling me “I don’t care if your sales aren’t great. I love your books and I believe in you so write me another one”. So I did. And she kept saying it and I kept doing it (over and over for years) and here we are.

    So, funny story…It’s always Wednesday evenings that you see NYT announcements on Twitter, right? And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t quietly, anxiously hoping Yours To Keep would hit the list. I’d even figured out which Wednesday it would probably be and that Wednesday came and went with no call. And then another. And another. So finally the Wednesday night came when I had to tell myself it had been a month and it didn’t happen. Time to put it away.

    The next morning, Angela called and said “Are you sitting down?” It’s not the first time she’s opened a conversation that way (love those calls), but it was the first time she was crying when she said it. So she told me the happy news and what did I say?

    “But it’s Thursday.”

    Yeah. (But then I cried.)

    Now I’m looking forward to seeing my fellow Carina authors on that list!

    (I’m not sure about going back to work. Pretty sure I used up my daily word count on this blog post.)

  4. Karen C says:

    Congratulations, Shannon and Carina Press! Silly me, I’ve got tears of happiness in my eyes for you both ~~ Sending cyber hugs your way!

  5. It’s so awesome to see Shannon on the bestseller list. And very well-deserved. Congrats to Carina and to Shannon!

  6. Congrats, Shannon! Totally well deserved!!

  7. Janni Nell says:

    This is such lovely and exciting news. Especially after all your years of hard work. Big hugs.

  8. That’s very awesome news. Amazing that allegedly, contemporary romance is dead! Congratulations Shannon!

  9. Shannon and Angela, you’ve just inspired digital authors and editors everywhere. Congrats on a brilliant achievement.

    Carina is shining brightly right now.

  10. Sarah says:

    That is amazing. Congratulations!

  11. Huge congratulations Shannon! I’ve read your first two Kowalski heroes but Yours To Keep is sitting on the top of my HUGE TBR pile :)

  12. Amazing that allegedly, contemporary romance is dead!

    Funny, I’ve heard that, too. I’m glad Carina hasn’t because there are some awesome contemporary romance authors here!

    Thank you, everybody, for the congratulations!

  13. Congrats, Stacey!!! This is outstanding!!!!

  14. Coleen Kwan says:

    Congratulations Shannon. You’re an inspiration to us all. Congratulations to Carina Press as well.

  15. Penn_eHarlequin says:

    Oh, you guys made ME all weepy, too! That’s the best story! Congrats to Shannon and the whole team.


  16. Congratulations, Shannon!

  17. Nicole Marie says:

    Congrats Shannon! I love your books featuring the Kowalski family! I read them out of order, and then in the right order: All in two days. Then, I read them all again!. They are fantastic and I am obsessed with them! I want to see the movie!!!!!!

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