Photo Friday: Look up!


I don’t get a chance to visit the Harlequin offices in NYC very often, but I always tell people who are visiting for the first time to be prepared: you’re going to stop and look up. You see, the NYC Harlequin offices are in the historic Woolworth building. One of the oldest skyscrapers in the […]

“The Call” — Lorelie Brown


On Monday, Carina Press published my very first western. Catch Me is the story of Maggie Bullock, a woman who is so devoted to her family that she’d rob a bank to pay for her father’s medical care, and Dean Collier as the bounty hunter tracking her down. I love this story. Even if I […]

Mixing Romance With Politics STILL Can Be Fatal


By: Marie Force Happy launch week for Fatal Consequences, book 3 in the Fatal Series! Sam, Nick and their cast of supporting characters are back for another installment in the series that pairs a Washington, D.C. homicide detective with a U.S. Senator. In this third book, Sam and Nick are thrust into another high-profile murder […]

Falling Hard for Rock Stars


What is it about rock stars that make our hearts start beating a little faster? What is it that sets them apart from the rest? Is it just the music, the glorification of wickedness? Maybe that they will always represent rebellion and a bucking of the establishment? Or maybe there’s something else that the really […]

Photo Friday: Marilyn Denis Show


Some of you may remember that I appeared on Canadian morning talk show, The Marilyn Denis Show last January. If you didn’t see the clip, you can see it here.The entire experience was amazing and a little surreal (and I’d do it again in a heartbeat!), and though I’ve never really blogged about my experiences, […]