Photo Friday: Write for Carina, go to the Harlequin Party!

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Last week was RWA 2011 in New York City (was it just last week? It already feels like a lifetime ago!) So of course photo Friday has to be a pic from RWA. To see more pictures of Carina Press authors and Harlequin fun, visit the Carina Press Flickr group. As of this morning, there are over 100 photos added, and more coming every day!

This is a picture of the big screen at the Harlequin party, taken by Carina Press author Shelli Stevens. As you go in, you can get your picture taken (more than once!) and it gets flashed on these screens, which are on either side of the dance floor. It’s a lot of fun. And to all of you who asked, yes, if you write for Carina, you get an invite to the Harlequin party. Even if you’ve written just a novella ;)

Pictured here from left to right: Spice Briefs author Crystal Jordan, and Carina Press authors Shelli Stevens and Karen Erickson. Aren’t they pretty?

(This could be you next year in Anaheim, start writing and get those books submitted to Carina for your invite to the Harlequin party. Heh.)


6 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Write for Carina, go to the Harlequin Party!”

  1. I had five band-aids in each of my shoes because they were too big (you can gather I don’t wear heels a lot). I offer a hearty thank you to Harlequin for the socks!!!

  2. Leah Braemel says:

    I’ve got some short (under a minute) videos that I took during the ball up on my blog :D

  3. Keri Stevens says:

    Best part of the party? I’m on the dance floor, screeching at Malle Vallik that Toni Blake told me this was the best party EVARRRR!

    Malle’s response? “And now you know.”

    Keri–(who is writing faster.)

  4. Stacy Gail says:

    This is how crazy-excited I am to be a Carina Press author — I’m saving up now so I can go to Anaheim in 2012 (It’s gonna be a looooooong year, y’all).

    Thanks for posting these lovely pics — much appreciated! :)

  5. Eliza Knight says:

    Awesome pics!! I need to go post mine :)

    The party was SUPERB!!! Definietly the highlight of RWA for me! And I’m with Maureen, THANK YOU for the socks! I was already dying in my heels when I arrived. Can’t wait until Anaheim!

  6. Ruth A Casie says:

    Cocktails were delicious especially the special Carina one. The party was out of this world. Everyone glittered and glowed. The music was constant and great. The chocolate and champagne was delicious!

    I’m with Stacy, writing the next story and saving for Anaheim!

    Thanks for a memorable evening.

    … Ruth

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