Photo Friday: Me, @NaliniSingh, @Kobo & Jennifer Greene


Last week while I was in New Zealand, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of their authors, and they were all amazing, warm and so lovely. Despite the tragedy of the weekend, everyone continued to be welcoming and supportive, and I admired the strength of their friendship and their obvious commitment to one […]

My affair with audiobooks


by Tara Stevens, Carina Press acquisitions team How much can change in a year? A lot, actually! When I wrote my virgin blog post back in August 2010, we only had five Carina Press titles available in audiobook format. As of today, we have over a hundred. Yay! This includes everything from romantic suspense to […]

Have You Ignored an Important Call?


Take that call next time. Telemarketers always bug me during my writing time – afternoonish when my kids are sleeping. One or two a da. You’d think I was rich. November 4th I sat down to write a particularly difficult scene and my phone rang. I glared at the offending buzz and shook my head. […]

Walking into a mystery


People often ask why I’m drawn to mysteries and where my ideas come from. My answer? It’s the walking. Like all writers, I sit at a desk making up stories for hours on end. I also eat chocolate. A lot of chocolate. To counterbalance this unhealthy lifestyle, I go for long walks with my dogs. […]

I’m thinking. . .I’m thinking. . .I’m thinking. . .


I thought a lot about heritage while I was writing Killing Time. About how it can form us for good or bad. But more specifically, about what we consciously decide to make of it. I’ve always known that my mother’s family is of Muscogee Creek descent and I’ve always been proud of it. The trouble […]