Photo Friday: Books in unexpected places

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This week, I’ve been spending my time in Melbourne, Australia. I was fortunate to be invited to the RWAustralia conference. This isn’t my first time here, I was also here once 3 years ago, but there’s so much to see and experience, I was thrilled to come back again. Melbourne has an incredible vibe to it, much different than any other big city I’ve been in. It’s a bit artsy, with a vibrant, fun subculture.

That’s seen not only in the different clubs, venues and entertainment available, but also as you walk through the city and experience the different shops. In two of those shops, I encountered books in a very unexpected place…changing room walls.


  1. Angela, thanks for your response to my question about novels set in China. I am a new comer to the blog of Carina Press, but noticed a few authors from Australia writing for Carina Press. So it makes sense for inviting you to their confrence in Australia. Nice pictures about reading passages from books in shops in Australia. Any plans for Carina Press to promote their books in shops in Austraila and North America? It’s a new way to get exposure for women readers. Best wishes.

  2. Awesome! Come decorate my house! Thanks so much for the pics.

  3. I love that they used children’s books for wallpaper. And the chalkwall is fun for a dressing room.
    Really cool.

    Hope you have a blast at the conference.

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