There’s just so much a girl can take!

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I’ve always had something of a love/hate/fascination thing going on with fortune telling.  I’ve a couple of friends who are die-hard about this – their lives just don’t work without their monthly forecast.

I’ve heard all the predictions, everything from, “You vil meet ze tall, dark, handsome…” to “Honey, you know that road trip you were planning next week? Well, don’t.” Uh, my friend did, and she really shouldn’t have, thank God it was only a minor accident.

But, whether it’s just a matter of playing the odds or even if the power of suggestion is subconsciously enabling these predictions to come true or not, there’s certainly something fascinating about the prospect of (maybe) knowing what’s coming around the corner.

Not so much for my heroine in Second-Guessing Fate

Photobucket Gemma’s just your everyday girl carrying a dream in one pocket and a healthy dollop of wariness in the other. Her best friend’s a little obsessive about living life according to the predictions of Madame Hooch, but hey, no one’s perfect!

She’s had her share of heartbreak (and then some) but who hasn’t?  Right?

And if things have been a little slow on the dating front these last couple of years, well, what’s a girl to do? Put her energy and passion into growing her catering business, that’s what.

But then Gemma’s friend drags her off to Madame Hooch for a little fortune telling therapy. She doesn’t really believe in all that mumbo jumbo, but seriously! She hasn’t even met the guy yet and he’s going to dump her? That’s enough to make any girl mad enough to get even. In this case, it means tricking the gorgeous Nick into dumping her sooner rather than later. There’s a soul mate on the line if Madame Hooch is to be trusted. Unfortunately she’s up against Fate and things don’t go quite according to plan.

I had so much fun writing this book! Gemma has to get herself dumped before Fate plays its trump card and leaves her heartbroken. She’s not sure how she got into this situation, she doesn’t even believe the future can be  predicted, but suddenly she’s playing a game and the prize is a soul mate she never gave much thought to before.

I’ve only been to a fortune teller twice, dragged both times by obsessed friends. I don’t seriously give it much credence, but I’ve had fun along the path of my life, smiling wickedly when some of the things come true and quirking a brow when the exact opposite unfolded.

My fortune-teller saw travel in my future, and I’ve moved continents three times. So far. She also predicted a couple of mind-boggling awesomeness stuff that, um, I’m still waiting on, lol.

What about you? I’d love to hear your fortune telling stories, or stories that happened to a friend of friend!

If you’re up for a fun read this summer as Gemma tries to outwit fate and get herself dumped, you can read more about Second-Guessing Fate here on Carina Press or pop along to my Website for a longer excerpt.

Claire Robyns lives in Berkshire, England, with her husband and twin boys. For so long as she has memories, she was either reading, dreaming about reading, or planning what she’d be reading next. Then one day she started dreaming about writing and that was the beginning of an amazing journey.
When Claire isn’t thigh-deep in laundry, shopping, cooking and general crowd control, you’ll find her head-and-heart-deep in the tangled lives of her characters.

Visit Claire at her website or on twitter @clairerobyns

5 thoughts on “There’s just so much a girl can take!”

  1. Eleri Stone says:

    I’ve never been to a fortune-teller before. I believe in it enough to make me nervous so I can definitely relate to Gemma’s dilemma!

  2. Eleri, I agree. I take it all in fun, but if I took it seriously, I’d be way too scared and nervous.

  3. I LOVE going to (good) psychics (but I’ve been to some truly awful ones too!) Most of what the good ones have predicted have come true (like the one who described my husband to a T – TWO YEARS before I met him!!)

    I’ve read Second Guessing Fate and it’s a delightful fun read! Made me smile after a really stressful day!

    Judy, South Africa

  4. I’ve been very hit or miss with predictions of any kind, from tarot readers to pendulum divination. One tarot reader has been fairly spot on, while one who is spot on for a friend is dead wrong for me. That makes me think chemistry is as important in this as in romance!

    I’m downloading a sample of this book. It sounds great!

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