5 Things I Love About Carina Press

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Since this is the season to give thanks, 5 things I love about Carina Press:

  1. I get to read books and get paid for it!
  2. I can delve into new genres: steampunk and male/male for example
  3. I can buy as many digital books as I want (and update my reading devices frequently) and assuage my guilty conscience with the excuse that “it’s competitive research”
  4. I have awesome colleagues: the business team, the acquisition team, the editors. They are smart, dedicated and passionate. They make working on Carina Press fun!
  5. There are few rules (other than create a profitable business!). We make it up as we go along, always focusing on what is best.

One of the best things I hear from people who work on Carina Press is how much they love working on Carina Press. I think it speaks to both the fantastic editorial we publish and the openness and collaborative nature of the team. It’s been an incredible experience over the past two years to see a digital-first imprint move from an idea to reality, with relatively few hiccups along the way. Thank you to everyone involved!

At the Toronto head office we have our own tradition of celebrating American Thanksgiving. We order in Swiss Chalet rotisserie chicken (if you ever visit Ontario you must go to Swiss Chalet) Festive Meal Deal and watch a holiday-themed movie. This year it’s Love Actually.

I hope you are enjoying turkey leftovers and making turkey soup with dumplings.

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Swiss Chalet

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Swiss Chalet

The Festive Meal Deal

2 thoughts on “5 Things I Love About Carina Press”

  1. Elizabeth Bass says:

    Fun! I love Love, Actually. (Except the Keira Knightley part!)

  2. Marian Crane says:

    The Carina blog is one of the things I love about Carina. I’m thankful to see this experiment become a reality, over the last two years. Onward and upward!

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