Submissions call from Angela James (something I rarely do anymore!)

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So Carina Press keeps me pretty busy on the admin (and travel, omg, the travel!) side of things and it doesn’t leave me a lot of time for editing. I still do some editing, but it’s generally not much more than one or two novels a year, and then the holiday novella collections. I almost never acquire from slush anymore but…

I’m looking to acquire a few things for my own schedule for Fall 2012.

Here’s what I’m specifically looking for:

A contemporary romance trilogy or series. I love editing Shannon Stacey’s books and I want to edit more contemporary romance, so I’m looking to acquire an author who has a contemporary romance trilogy or series planned. Any heat level considered! I’m specifically looking for contemporary romance novels (over 70k) but will consider a novella series (for novellas, even better if they’re erotic, but not necessary)

A new paranormal romance (or urban fantasy w/romantic elements) series. The good news for you is that I’ll consider all manner of paranormal, including vampires, shifters, etc. I’m not wore out on paranormal, so hit me with your A-game, even if it’s a vampire series! Again, any heat level considered.

A very, very hot erotic romance series. Smokin’ hot. Any subgenre, any length. Can be BDSM or m/m. Just looking for smokin’ hot erotic romance (not erotica, please).

So the trend here is that I’m looking for an author/authors I can build within a series in these particular genres. I’m not looking for standalone novels or novellas for this particular submissions call for myself (though Carina Press is always willing to and does acquire standalones).

If you have something now, or in the coming weeks/months that fits the bill, please follow the submissions guidelines here, and send to the submissions address. However, please note in the body of your query letter that you’re responding to my specific call for submissions (many subs come in addressed to me, so I won’t know, just based on that, that you’re responding to this call).

Edit: I’ve had some questions about subbing an idea or partial. Carina Press submission guidelines require a full manuscript and so do I, unless we’ve worked together before, or you have an established history of publishing quality work, and you have an established author brand, in which case, I’d consider a proposal/partial w/thorough synopsis.

22 thoughts on “Submissions call from Angela James (something I rarely do anymore!)”

  1. Laura says:

    Hi Angela,

    I’m working on the first of a contemporary romance series at the moment but it isn’t actually finished yet. When is the deadline for subbing on this (as opposed to subbing in the usual way)?



  2. How do angels sound? I’m just finishing up something I was planning on sending to you at the beginning of January. I’ve just finished the rough draft and have to send it to my beta readers before I send it to you.

    (Yes, it’s probably a series. You know me. I can’t NOT write a series.)

  3. Christina Tetreault says:

    Hi Angela

    I have completed the first manuscript in a 4 book contemporay series. Currently I am working on the second of the series and hope to have a rough draft done by the spring. I will definately submit this to you ASAP.

    Thank you
    Christina Tetreault

  4. Christina Tetreault says:

    Does the manuscript have to be submitted as a RTF file. i am having trouble keeping the formating when I go from my Word file to a RTF file

    Thank you

  5. Jeff Salter says:

    Angela, I have just the trilogy for you to work with next year. Two novels complete, the third already started … and possibilities for others (with some great editorial guidance).
    They’re romantic ‘screwball’ comedy. In times like these, readers want and need some laughs (along with compelling characters and fast-paced plots).
    I won’t indicate the titles here, because they’re too good to give away … but my submission will soon be in the Carina inbox.

  6. Brenda says:

    Too bad you want contemporary as I have started on a mail order bride series with the first one beginning with a bang, literally. It includes a range war with murder, a stampede, cattle rustling, more murders, barn burnings and of course, love and romance. Let me know if a story around 1900 is a consideration.

  7. Carolyn Knight says:

    Very cool timing. I have a seven part contemporary series featuring former dangerous boys and girls with a deep undercover past who set up a protection agency and decide to go mainstream. The series is novella length, ranging from 22 to 40k and the characters tend to make cameos in each others stories. I am currently going back to the beginning of the books to polish and make sure the continuity flows smoothly.

    But I believe it has the potential to be what you are looking for.

  8. George Poitevin says:

    For the neophytes, like myself The Christmas Proposition is Erotic Romance. Erotica is stories that have three paragraphs of plot and the rest is gratuitous descriptions of sex.

  9. George Poitevin says:

    Grr…meant to add that I’ve got a contemporary M/M romance in the works with the possibility of a series, as the two men grow in their relationship. It’s not quite as steamy (yet) as The Christmas Proposition, but easily taken that direction.

  10. Angela James says:

    Laura–probablly end of January for 2012 but ongoing for 2013

    Dana–you know I say bring it!

    Christina- DOC is fine, but you formatting shouldn’t be so affected by a change in file type, so you may want to make sure your file size isn’t over 2mb. If it is, you have to many hidden styles and I suggest you strip them.

    Brenda–this is only a very specific call for my list. The other 16 Carina editors are still open to all romance subgenres and other commercial fiction, so please feel free to submit.

    Re: the definition of erotica. Erotica can actually have quite a bit of plot and story (we do publish erotica, I’m just not looking for it for my list). The main differences between erotic and erotic romance is that erotica doesn’t have to focus on a relationship and doesn’t need a HEA. Erotic romance needs both. What George described is more like porn :P

    I look forward to seeing all your submissions!!

  11. Jennifer Van Gunten says:

    Alright Ms. James!

    My submission has been sent- an erotic Urban Fantasy. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

    Back to the keyboard to work on book 2.

  12. Jo says:

    For the paranormal romance or urban fantasy with romantic elements, are you looking for a series of novels or would novellas also be accepted?

  13. Jeff Salter says:

    I’ve just transmitted my romantic ‘screwball’ comedy submission to the specified Carina Press address.
    I hope it gets to your attention because I believe it’s just the kind of project you’ll really enjoy for the contemporary romance editing you announced in yesterday’s submissions call.
    I’ve completed two of the three parts of this trilogy and need some editorial guidance on the third.
    I hope you or Rhonda can track down my submission from the Carina inbox.

  14. Angela James says:

    Hi Jo, novellas would be fine.

  15. Hi Angela! What about a paranormal crime thriller? I have a vampire crime thriller almost finished.

    1. Angela James says:

      Hi Patti! As I said above, I’m seeking these specific things for my own list, but Carina’s freelance editors are always open to other commercial genres, so you should definitely submit!

  16. Christina Tetreault says:

    Sent my submission last week.

  17. I am working on a series that I would love to submit.

  18. Ms. James, I have published 7 Jane Austen adaptations/sequels with Ulysses Press and am fortunate to have a strong following int that realm. Yet, I would also like to see my Regency and modern romances available to the public. I have spoken to Ulysses and have offered them right of first refusal, which they have given me permission to seek other publishers. Although I am pleased with my relationship with Ulysses, other than the Jane Austen sequels, Ulysses does not publish “romance.” At this time, I have a Regency romance series based on a group of six men who have served as part of a covert governmental group and are returning home to claim titles and love. Two books are finished, and I am currently writing the next book in the series. I have self published each of these titles. In addition, I have book one of a Regency trilogy completed, a modern day adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, and a contemporary romance based around a reality TV show called “Second Chances.”

  19. Shy Amy says:

    Hi Angela. I just sent you a paranormal/romantic novella. I hope you like it. Thanks for reposting this on Facebook!

  20. Correction:
    It’s the first of a planned trilogy.

  21. I just sent off a submission for the first of a sensual contemporary romance novella trilogy. :)

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