A SMART 2013

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The New Year is all about starting fresh, making anew. For many of us its about making goals for the upcoming year.  Resolutions, of a sort. I am a firm believer in making goals. I make yearly goals, monthly goals and sometimes daily goals, especially if I’m not getting my monthly goals done.  Over the […]

Relaxing with a good book…

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The Carina Press authors are “Getting in Character”! What’s your character’s favorite way to unwind and relieve stress? Seth van Licht is a Nephilim, an angel-born with wings of light who fights evil creatures called Shemyaza, angel-born who have turned to the dark side and feed off of humanity. And that’s only one of his […]

New Year’s Resolutions? Not this time…


When I think about all the sugar and junk and deliciously bad food I’ve eaten over the last few days, my first instinct is to cringe. To have a wave of massive guilt and say, “At least January 1 is coming, so I can start all over.” Yes, I am totally that person. The one […]

Guilty Pleasures


The Carina Press authors are “Getting in Character”!   What’s your character’s favorite guilty-pleasure snack?   In Hollywood, where gaining even a pound is a mortal sin, Kayla Maxwell, an actress on A New Dawn, the number one soap opera in the country, doesn’t obsess about her weight. Kayla likes to eat and is especially […]

It’s the end of the world as we know it…


If you believe the theories, tomorrow, December 21, 2012, is the Mayan Armageddon (and not the good one with Aerosmith tunes and Ben Affleck). Way to ruin my birthday, Mesoamerican Long Count calendar! Personally, though, I think we’ll all be here come December 22. We better, as I have theater tickets for Saturday and a […]