You tell us: Bonus Content (topic courtesy of #dbwsum)


Today I’m attending the Digital Book World Book Marketing Summit, which is geared towards publishers and marketing strategies in a digital world. Much of this morning’s topics focused quite a bit on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as conversations about blogs, forums and other marketing platforms. If you’re interested in following […]

Submissions call round up, reminder of anthology call!


We’ve done a few submissions calls the past few months, I want to highlight those again, since I think they tend to get lost because the blog updates frequently. I specifically want to highlight the science fiction holiday novella call we announced. This is still an active call and submissions are being accepted until March […]

Why an eReader Is the Best Gift You Can Give a New Mother


I know every texture, nuance and crack of the bedroom wall in my daughter’s room. This learning came from the countless hours I spend in there nursing her, holding her and spending time in that rocking chair.  Did I enjoy it? Well, it was nice the first 40 or 50 times I did it, but […]

Mind on the Run


Reading has always been my favorite escape. Well, that or champagne and chocolate on the beach. (In my fantasy world the champagne is always chilled, the chocolate rarely melts, and sand never creeps into uncomfortable places.) I was neck-deep in winter and in desperate need of distraction when I wrote Don’t Bite the Messenger, my […]

Falling for the Smart Guy


Tall, dark and handsome. Who doesn’t want their hero to be all of these things? Sure, we’d all love a guy who’s big and gorgeous and able to keep us safe. But what about brains in that equation? I’ve always been drawn to the guy who can write a computer program that can destroy an […]