Blimey! Pirates Need Love, Too

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Some might say I have an obsession for pirates. By the looks of my office filled with pirate paraphernalia, skulls, and emptied rum bottles, lots of emptied rum bottles, they might be right. Long before Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl sailed onto the silver screen, I had a great interest in pirates. From Peter Pan, to the Goonies, to Erroll Flynn, to Russell Crowe’s Master and Commander, and of course, Captain Jack, these tall sea-worthy tales tickled my fancy.

But Hollywood romanticizes pirates. Truth be known, pirates were a nasty, often blood-thirsty lot. However, there was once a pirate, Sam Bellamy, driven to his occupation by one of the most powerful sources of motivation—love.

Bellamy arrived in Cape Cod from England around 1714 where he met a young woman named Maria Hallett. Together they fell madly in love. But he was a penniless sailor and her wealthy family denied him her hand. To win their favor, he set out to seek his fortune by the quickest means – he joined a pirate crew, of course. With a strong will and expertise in his craft, it wasn’t long before Bellamy became one of the most successful pirates of his time. During his reign of terror in the Caribbean, he captured some 50 ships, including a fine slave ship, the Whydah. He chased the Whydah for three days. Without ever shooting his shipboard guns, the Whydah surrendered and Bellamy took the prize for his own. Now laden with riches, Bellamy charted his course north, back to his love, Maria. But as he reached Cape Cod, a terrible storm raged. Just a mere 500 feet from the shores of Cape Cod, the Whydah broke apart, tragically taking nearly all on board, including Bellamy.

PhotobucketAh, those swashbuckling pirates. Bellamy could easily be the inspiration for a redemptive hero in a romance novel. And who doesn’t love a pirate captain who needs redemption? Are you thinking Captain Jack Sparrow? Yeah, me too.

In A Kiss in the Wind, Captain Blade Tyburn pulls double duty as not only an opportunistic pirate but also as an infamous libertine known far and wide by swooning ladies, jealous husbands, and watchful fathers. Even the mighty fall and he may have met his match in Marisol, a knife-wielding, beautiful thief. Batten down the hatches. There are stormy seas ahead for these two.

Click here to read and excerpt from A Kiss in the Wind.

Want more? Click here for your copy of A Kiss in the Wind.

Do you have a favorite pirate, either fictional or real? How about a favorite pirate movie? I’d love to hear from you.

Jennifer Bray-Weber hopes to one day live out her life as the island goddess she was meant to be somewhere in the Caribbean. Until then, she lives in her native state of Texas with her real life pillage-and-plunder husband and two spirited daughters. Catch up with her at

14 thoughts on “Blimey! Pirates Need Love, Too”

  1. Kate Parker says:

    Great excerpt, Jenn. I can’t wait to read it.

    1. Thanks so much, Kate!

  2. Jenn, I’m so excited this book is out! LOVE me pirates now and then. :) And I loved them before the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I was very intrigued by Captain Barbosa, too…maybe because he was played by the talented Geoffrey Rush.

    1. Oh, I love Barbossa, Anne Marie. Geoffrey Rush is by far the best actor to portray him, too. There’s is something fascinating about Geoffrey Rush, and I can’t help but want to see every movie he’s in. :-)

  3. Who doesn’t love pirates? I remember a movie from when I was younger that starred Christopher Atkins and Kristy McNichol. I think it was called The Pirate Movie. It was very silly, but I loved it.

    1. I do! I do! I can’t help but fall in love with pirates.
      I admit. I don’t recall ever seeing The Pirate Movie, Angela. I’ll have to pick that one up from the library. On your recommendation, of course. ;-)

  4. I loved the Julie Garwood book [can’t think of the title at the moment] where the ‘pirate’ got seasick. And then there’s Robert DeNiro’s pirate in the movie Stardust. Love the pirates! :) Carol Stephenson

    1. Too funny, Carol. One of the tough pirates in KISS gets green in the gills and hugs a chamber pot during a storm.
      Stardust was WONDERFUL! Robert de Niro as Captain Shakespeare…classic.

  5. Angela, I remember the Pirate Movie!!! That was Hilarious. :D And it was a musical! “I am the very model of a modern major general…”

  6. I also love two really old pirate movies – The Crimson Pirate with Burt Lancaster and The Spanish Main with Maureen O’Hara. A good pirate story is always welcome! Enjoyed the post, good luck with the book!

    1. I think the old pirate movies have the nod. Everyone loves them. My favorites are Against All Flags with Maureen O’Hara and Errol Flynn and the Buccaneer’s Girl with Yvonne DeCarlo.

      Thanks so much, Veronica.

  7. Stacey Purcell says:

    What a terrific story about Sam Bellamy! I was lucky enough to see the exhibit on the Whydah and Sam when it came to Houston- it was fabulous and oh so romantic….just like your books. Congratulations on all of your hard work and I’d say Carina Press just got themselves one heck of an author!!!

    1. I saw the same exhibit, Stacey, and I can’t tell you how moved I was. Staring at the ship’s bell, I stood in awe. It brought tears to my eyes. It was also a fun exhibit. I proved to my hubby that I could, indeed, tie a sailor’s knot. LOL!

      Thanks for your well wishes.

  8. Always loved Peter Pan as a child. Then the Errol Flynn movies. My fave, though not a pirate, was Horatio Hornblower. I’ve seen that movie at least a dozen times. I loved his ruffian crew who ended up being his friends and saviors from the French.

    Love the Black Pearl- all its ragged sails and undead crew. lol-right up my galley.

    Great post, but very sad story.


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