You tell us: What ever happened to…

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This weekend I was browsing lists on Amazon and Goodreads. I do that when I’m in a reading funk (none of the thousands of books in my digital library and the hundreds on my book apps are quite appealing) and I’m looking to see if I can discover an author I hadn’t heard of or hadn’t tried before. I think the genre I do this most often with is fantasy romance/fantasy with romantic elements because I’ve been reading it for so long, I’ve come to have tried or read many of the usual options.

So I was browsing lists and was reminded of a fantasy series that I’ve read several times in print, Symphony of Ages by Elizabeth Haydon. I remember when this series was released and I gobbled up each subsequent book. For those who haven’t read it, and who really love fantasy, and like some romantic elements in their fantasy, this is a wonderful series (the first book is Rhapsody). Unfortunately, as I’m reminded whenever I occasionally look it up, it’s not yet available in digital, so you have to buy it in print (or find it at your local library). But as I was looking at the list of books under Elizabeth Haydon’s author page, I realized she hadn’t published anything new for about five years and I wondered…what ever happened to Elizabeth Haydon? I did a small amount of Googling, with no real success. There’s actually a bit of a dearth of information about the author out there, though I did find an interesting interview from over a decade ago where she talked about Rhapsody and the film rights being optioned and a wonderful screenplay that was written. Too bad nothing seems to have ever come of that (though it does go to show that film options, while exciting, can quite often lead to not much).

That got me to thinking, I know there are other authors out there who’ve simply stopped writing, authors who were in the middle of series, who were beloved by their fans or who seemed to be in the midst of a writing career and then just…stopped.

You tell us, what authors do you wish were still writing, do you miss, do you wonder…what ever happened to them?

24 thoughts on “You tell us: What ever happened to…”

  1. There was an author who published digitally and wrote really incredible books that I LOVED who simply vanished. She published under the name Tia Fanning. Would love to know what happened.

  2. Varian Krylov! She wrote an amazing menage book called Hurt, and several other extremely psychologically intense erotica books that I can’t really read because unlike Hurt, they have too much nonconsent. And then she stopped writing. I would do anything for another book like Hurt *sigh*. PLEASE COME BACK VARIAN KRYLOV!

  3. Why can’t our favorite authors be as prolific as, say, Danielle Steel? She seems to bring out a book every day…

  4. I read and adored the horror novels of Frances Gordon, there were only four and I wondered why she never wrote any more, they were very good. Then I started reading some psychological thrillers by Sarah Rayne, which I enjoyed too and wandered to her website one day. I discovered that Frances Gordon and Saray Rayne were the same author, LOL! She’s not writing any more horror, but I can still enjoy her other books now. She also wrote some fantasy under the name Bridget Wood (that info took some finding. I had books by all ‘3’ authors on my bookshelf, before I ever realised they were all written by the same person. :)

    Take care,

  5. @Annette

    A similar thing happened to me recently – I was talking to my mother about Victoria Holt (the Gothic Romance author), and subsequently found-out that Victoria and the famous Jean Plaidy were one-and-the-same person. :)

  6. Zee Lemke says:

    I can guess why she abandoned the series, but someday I want to be trapped in an elevator for a few hours with Rosemary Edghill so I can find out how her Twelve Treasures books were supposed to go. I STILL occasionally make up my own resolutions to some of the characters’ stories.

    Also, thank you for this post: it encouraged me to google her, and now I have a bunch of regency romances to hunt for.

  7. Dorothy Cork wrote romances for Harlequin. Set in Australia, her passionate novels enticed me to the genre. Favorite? Red Diamond!

  8. I used to wonder what happened to Dara Joy – then I found out and was kind of sorry to know…

  9. @Steven,

    I didn’t realise that about Jean Plaidy and Victoria Holt, read both of those authors over the years :)

  10. Judith Ivory (Judy Cuevas). I know she had some health problems, but since then there have been no updates anywhere about what her future writing plans are, if any.

    I used to wonder the same thing about Laura Kinsale, so I was beyond thrilled when she came out with a new book and was on Twitter and Facebook. She’s gone back to writing cave, but there’s a new work in the works, so to speak, so there’s hope.

  11. library addict says:

    I would like to know what ever happened to:

    Carole Buck (from what I understand she gave up writing to concentrate on her day job as a producer at CNN, but I wish she (and/or her former publishers) would at least make her complete back list available in digital.

    Gail Douglas (used to write mainly for Loveswept)

    Marcia Evanick

    Naomi Horton

    Sandy Steen

    And more recently Lori Borrill.

  12. alyslinn says:

    Anya Seton. I know she passed away in 1990, but I still wish she had written more books. Absolutely love her work.

  13. Marian Crane says:

    I wish Jo Clayton and Kage Baker would have had more years of fabulous writing. Until Scott Lynch, I didn’t think anyone could delineate a fantasy or science-fantasy setting as clearly as Clayton. I just finished Baker’s last book, THE BIRD OF THE RIVER, published after her death. It’s sort of YA and sort of romance, but the writer’s warm humanity makes it timeless.

  14. Jacinta says:

    I think that some of these authors now publish under different names. It makes it very fustrating for those of us who loved their books but I know of at least two who have gone on to other genras and changed their names.

  15. MaryK says:

    Nicole Camden. She wrote an awesome short story (novella?) in Big Guns Out of Uniform and that’s it. Liz Carlyle and Sherrilyn Kenyon also had stories in that anthology, and Cambden’s was by far the best.

    I also miss Sharon and Tom Curtis, but who doesn’t?

  16. Lisa J says:

    Way back when, I used to read Candlelight Ecstacy Romances. I miss several authors from that publisher. I would love to know about Eleanor Woods, Hayton Monteith, and a couple of others from this line. It would be great to have books from these authors offered in e format and to be able to get more books from them. I have been lucky enough to find books from Elaine Raco Chase and Amii Lorin being reissued.

  17. MJ says:

    Anita Mills! I think she retired, but I sure loved her medievals. Winter Roses is my all-time favorite romance.

  18. JVRB says:

    I wonder what happened to the Compton Crook Award winning authors:

    Donald Kingsbury (Courtship Rite, won in 1983)
    Christopher Rowley (War for Eternity, 1984)
    Christopher Hinz (Liege-killer, 1988)
    Carol Severance (Reefsong, 1992) and
    Daniel Graham, Jr. (The Gatekeepers, 1996)

  19. sharon says:

    I don’t hhave much respect for writers I helped attain there status not to mention the bucks. Who cannot even let you know a simply yes or no to finishing a promised seriers. Sorry Elizabeth Haydon.

  20. Kathryn Forsythe says:

    Every week i search desperately for the next book in the symphony of ages series only to come crashing back down in despair. Why has Elizabeth abandoned her faithful readers? Especially after the dramatic cliffhanger in the Assassin King I’m frantic to know WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!! Is there any hope anywhere out there that someone… anyone… can extend me the faintest crumb of hope that i haven’t been waiting in vain? Another author i enjoyed was Christi golden & her wings of fire. She wrote only one other book in her enchanting series then…POOF..
    .. she falls off the face of the earth. A new book by a favorite author discovered on the shelf or popping up on Amazon is like a Christmas present out of season and it seems our favorite authors don’t want to be Santa Claus any more. Please come back to us! Also…question
    .. would anyone be interested in a new Stargate series where a character from an alternate universe leads an sg team to the first original home planet of the ancients and how the gu’ould came to be the parasites they became? I’d really like some feedback on the concept. Thank you.

  21. orannia says:

    I know I’m almost a year late posting, but I found this blog post Googling Elizabeth Haydon – I like to check every so often to see if she is still writing as I’d love to know what happens. What can I say, I’m an Achmed fan :)

    Another fantasy author who I’m still hoping it writing is Melanie Rawn – I would love her to finish the Exiles trilogy :)

    @JVRB – I loved Christopher Hinz’s Liege Killer series. I recently bought them :)

  22. Shadowsoul says:

    I miss Elizabeth Haydon too. Melanie Rawn is still writing, I believe, her latest series is called Glass Thorns.

  23. Dyan says:

    I’ve just finished Elizabeth Haydon’s The Assassin King. I read something recently, that the title is the first of a trilogy, following on from the original series – though my library has labelled it as volume six in the Symphony of Ages Series.
    Assassin King was written in 2006 so she’s well overdue for the next book, I would have thought.

  24. Christa Neumann says:

    Happy to tell you I heard Elizabeth Haydon speak recently, and she is in fact still writing. She has delivered the fourth book in the Ven Polypheme series, which I highly recommend, even if it is technically YA, because it’s brilliant, and the seventh book in the Symphony of Ages, which I believe is called The Merchant Emperor. She said there would be a total of nine books in this arc of “the world”, and warned us that the final book may be hard to take. She and her family have apparently experienced a series of pretty terrible tragedies, including a house fire, but she was lovely, cheerful and confident about the completion of the series. I CAN’T WAIT.

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