The Importance of Misery


When I was a kid, I tortured my dad with difficult questions. When Adam and Eve took a bite from the apple in the Garden of Eden…was that a metaphor for them having sex? How can Grandaddy be a Christian minister when he believes in evolution? And the big one that has plagued humanity for […]

North To Alaska!


Alaska is a beautiful state. My family and I took a cruise up the coast of Alaska last summer, stopping in several ports, and loved every moment of it. The scenery is amazing! I love to write about interesting and beautiful places and as I wrote NORTH OF HEARTBREAK, I fell in love with the […]

What Level of Risk Will You Accept?


I always struggle to find blog topics, but as I was getting ready to face this blank page, I thought about my title (Acceptable Risks) and from there it was pretty easy. Risks. Acceptability. Duh. :) We all take risks every day of our lives. We run across a busy street, hoping we’ve timed it […]

When you can’t afford to go there, pick up a book


I love to travel.  There’s something thrilling about researching a destination.  Booking a flight.  Making lists of thing to bring, and at long last, packing the suitcase.  The sleepless night before.  The anticipation of adventures that await when I step out of the airplane. These days I have to budget carefully and only manage to […]

Change. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.


LIFE IS CHANGE. GROWTH IS OPTIONAL. CHOOSE WISELY. Anonymous We’ve all heard that there are two things we can rely on in life: death and taxes. Well, for writers, there is another. Change. Change is all around us and it is a part of life. We see change in the seasons and the weather. People […]