With Diabetes There Is No Six Degrees of Separation.

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25.8 million people in the USA have diabetes and another 79 million have prediabetes. Of the 25.8 million Americans who have diabetes 7 million don’t know they have it. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the USA. Diabetes is also the leading cause of kidney failure, nontraumatic lower-limb amputations & new cases of blindness among adults in the USA.

If you don’t already have diabetes or know someone with diabetes, it’s a safe bet to say you will.

Diabetes is a chronic, progressive disease that has become more and more common every decade. Until the role of insulin was discovered in 1921 by Dr. Fred Banting and Charles Best, most diabetics led very short lives. The only treatment available before their discovery was a combination of dietary restrictions and exercise. Research today is showing great promise towards improved prevention, treatment and management of diabetes.

Popular romantic suspense author Brenda Novak has been raising money to fund diabetes research since 2005 with her annual online auction. But she began her personal crusade to fight diabetes much earlier than that when her son, Thad, was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at age five.

The first year Brenda ran her auction she raised $34,982, and it’s grown every year since. So far, her auction has raised $1,368,598 for Diabetes research, with most of the funding going to the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI). Her auction is the biggest online event for diabetes research in the world. Some publishing’s brightest stars Nicholas Sparks, Nora Roberts, Diana Gabaldon, Steve Berry and Janet Evanovich are auction donors.

There’s something for everyone in the auction: signed celebrity memorabilia, trips, electronics, books, jewellery, critiques and many other items.

Carina Press and its authors have donated a Kindle Fire, a Kindle 3G, critiques from editors and authors, networking meetings, author training and other author goodies.

We invite you to share your personal stories about how diabetes has affected your life in the comments below.

Brenda will be appearing online at a Twitter party on Sunday May 27 at 1 pm PST (4 pm EST). She’ll be talking about the auction and would love to hear from you! Use the #bnda hashtag on Sunday May 27 at 1 pm PST to join in the conversation.

4 thoughts on “With Diabetes There Is No Six Degrees of Separation.”

  1. Julie Rowe says:

    As a gestational diabetic, I’m at an increased risk of developing diabetes.

  2. Great post, Julie. I wish more people understood what is going on with this terrible disease.

  3. What’s in the Pamper the writer basket you’re giving away?

  4. Julie Rowe says:

    Nicole, the pamper the writer basket has a cool comma sutra purse, a swarovski crystal pen, a silver and pearl necklace, romance writer business card holder, a chic sewing kit and a grey silk scarf.

    Here’s a picture of it: http://bit.ly/Kw24pO

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