You tell us: the best book(s) you’ve read recently

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It’s Memorial Day here in the US and I’m in the midst of a four-day weekend before I start some wicked travel for the next three weeks. So I’m taking the easy road this week and asking one of my favorite questions to ask (it never gets old).

You tell us: What book have you read recently that you really enjoyed? It can be any genre, any publisher, the only criteria is that it’s a book you liked!

My best most recent read in the past few weeks has been, no lie, a contemporary romance submission that I’m lucky to have also been able to acquire!

Happy Memorial Day to those in the US. Thank you to all of those who serve, to their families and to those who gave their lives so we’re able to enjoy this day, and every other.

9 thoughts on “You tell us: the best book(s) you’ve read recently”

  1. Jan says:

    Come Unto These Yellow Sands – Josh Lanyon, I’ve read and reread it, still love it and still find something new every time.

  2. Liz Flaherty says:

    Mary Balogh’s THE PROPOSAL. I have no wish to write Regency and grateful not to have lived then, but I love reading about it. Of course, I’d read toilet paper packages if she wrote the copy.

  3. Katie says:

    I’m in the middle of re-reading Pat Frank’s Alas, Babylon, and every time I’m completely drawn into the post-apocalyptic world he so carefully constructed. Though it’s dated in many ways now, it’s still frightening and inspiring, and either directly or indirectly has inspired a great many other works (like the TV show Jericho).

    Even 50 years on, there are lessons to be learned about ourselves and humanity (as well as how to survive any number of apocalyptic scenarios!).

  4. I’m incredibly late to the party on this one, but the novel I’ve enjoyed the most so far this year was The Hunger Games.

  5. Sharyn says:

    I’m a children’s librarian so I’m always reading kidlit. Absolutely love the Flavia de Luce series by Alan Bradley – A Red Herring Without Mustard(#3) is my favourite so far.

    Also just read Heart of Perdition by Selah March, what a deliciously creepy book! Can’t wait for next installment :)

  6. Debra says:

    No question at al…the best has been Voodoo Daddy by Thomas L Scott. It’s a great mystery with fantastic characters.

  7. Mel Teshco says:

    I’m with Sussana, almost finished reading book 1 of The Hunger Games and I’m loving it. My daughter is raving about book 2 also, so I’ll be reading that one next for sure =)

  8. Danielle West says:

    I have been working my way through SEP’s work. I had read a couple before and liked them but I am really in the mood for her style right now and loving them.

  9. MJ says:

    I just read Unholy Night by Seth Grahame-Smith and it was SO GOOD! A really interesting twist on the nativity story.

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