Author Spotlight: Marie Force

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Have you been following the cases of Sam Holland? The Fatal series follows this police officer and her husband, U.S. Senator Nick Cappuano, as they navigate the risky world of politics and murders…and now it is available in print as well as eBook! Keep reading to find out more about this exciting series from fans and Marie Force herself.

From Fans of the Fatal Series

“I absolutely love this story. It is a perfectly balanced fare of crime, suspense and romance.” –Goodreads review, Fatal Justice

“FATAL AFFAIR engages the mind with rivetingly suspenseful mysteries while your heart is grabbed by the intense emotions.”—Amazon review, Fatal Affair

“Whoa Marie…talk about giving us more of what we want…awesome, just awesome!” –Goodreads review, Fatal Deception

“Marie Force has written one of the best page turner’s that I have read in a long time. Three cheers for her writing.” –Amazon review, Fatal Consequences

“If you thought Nick and Sam couldn’t possibly get any hotter, Marie Force moves the bar up another twenty or so notches!!! Marie Force at her best and a true example of why she is on my “Must Buy” list.”—Goodreads review, Fatal Flaw

Where Did They COME From? by Marie Force

People ask me all the time where Sam and Nick came from. I wish I could tell you. To be honest, after more than five years of writing their story, I don’t remember a time when they didn’t live in my mind as real, live people. I don’t remember “thinking them up” or creating the many quirks that make them so real to readers—and to me. What I do recall, early on, was realizing theirs was a story I wanted to tell for years. I wanted to be right there with them when they fell in love, got engaged and then married, when high-profile careers and family and other challenges confronted them, forcing them to work as a team to overcome them. I wanted to be with them through the highs, the lows and everything in between. Book 7, Fatal Jeopardy, completed the first full year covered by the series, and it’s a wonder Sam and Nick aren’t suffering from whiplash. However, I’ve got much more in store for them and the cast that surrounds them, so stay tuned for Fatal Scandal on Jan. 12, 2015 with more to come after that!


Now Available In Print


About Fatal Flaw:

fatalflawBack from their honeymoon, Senator Nick Cappuano and D.C. Police Lieutenant Sam Holland are ready for some normalcy after the whirlwind of their wedding, but someone has other plans for them. When Sam discovers wedding cards containing thinly veiled death threats, she’s not sure if she or Nick is the target.

Already on edge, Sam and her team start investigating a series of baffling murders. The victims are well-liked with no known enemies, and the murders are carried out in a clean and efficient manner. Unable to find a clear motive for the deaths, she feels like she’s chasing her tail.

With no obvious connection between the victims, Sam soon suspects that she may be the ultimate prize in the killer’s clever game. When the danger starts to hit a little too close to home, she has two goals: find the elusive murderer and manage to live long enough to enjoy her happily-ever-after.

Book 4 of the Fatal series.


More From the Fatal Series


About Fatal Jeopardy:

fataljeopardyBook 7 of the Fatal series from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Marie Force

Washington, D.C., Police Lieutenant Sam Holland and her husband, U.S. Senator Nick Cappuano, have been looking forward to a quiet Thanksgiving with their son. But any thoughts of a restful holiday are dashed when Sam and Nick return home to a gruesome scene: Sam’s seventeen-year-old niece Brooke, barely conscious and covered in blood on their front stoop.

With lines between personal and professional blurring in this emotionally charged, deeply personal case, Sam is relying on Nick more than ever for support. But when suspicious images from the night in question appear on social media, Sam begins to wonder if her niece is telling her everything she knows about what really happened. And when Nick questions her tactics–and her ethics–as she races against the clock, Sam will need to decide how far she’s willing to go to prove Brooke is a victim, not a murderer.

See how it all began for Sam and Nick in Fatal Affair


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5 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: Marie Force”

  1. C.Hall says:

    Love these bppks. Need Fatal Deception in print.

  2. Patricia Brow says:

    I fell in love with the Fatal series and can’t wait for the 8th book in the series. Marie keeps her readers in suspense from start to finish in each book. Well thought-out plots and believable characters make these books very enjoyable.

  3. Thea Cunningham says:

    The Fatal series is fantastic. Can’t wait to see what Nick and Sam will be up to in the next chapter. Keep up the good work, Marie and thank you for such ‘human’ characters, they are so normal and yet sometime beyond belief!


    Absolutely fantastic series! I have all 7 eBooks and can’t wait for no. 8! Engaging!

  5. Bobbi says:

    Need Book 5, 6, and 7 of the Fatal Series by Marie Force in print.

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