Top Five Things That Make The Bay Area A Romantic, Sexy Setting

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I have long loved the San Francisco Bay Area, and when I began the Lessons In Control series, I knew this place had to be a prominent setting throughout the books. For one, the area is simply gorgeous. And two, a lot of the sights here strike me as primed for romantic and sexy moments. Since Maya and Dean started their D/s exploration in The Assignment (book 1), the next book, The Discipline, seemed like the perfect opportunity to take their exploration further while also showing off more of the region.

That’s why today, I wanted to share the five sexiest and romantic things about the Bay Area to me…

1. Rain, rain, perfect drops of rain.
In The Assignment, Maya and Dean share a hell of a rain scene in the early throes of autumn. The Discipline, book 2, is set deeper in the Bay Area rainy season. Our weather is mostly warm but sprinkled with rains, and while we don’t exactly get endless amounts of it, it is just enough to make a splash and raise all sorts of potential…

2. The views can do nothing but lead to great conversation—and conversation is hot.
Whether it be our updated Bay Bridge, the San Francisco skyline, or the bay’s water lit up by the moonlight, there are a bounty of amazing views to check out and discuss with a romantic partner. Maya and Dean grab a few peeks in the course of the book of some well-known sights:

3. Sailing and water life is entrancing!
Sailing and other coastal activities run aplenty here, and each of them can inspire relaxation and fun…never mind the opportunity for seductive make outs on the beach, above the steady sway of a boat (Maya and Dean can attest to this), or even walking along a quiet pier.

4. Lots of fog paired with coastal waves and sunshine = serious mood lighting.
Bring a blanket. There’s some cuddling happening with this kind of dramatic lighting available overhead!

5. Opportunities for dating adventure and exploration.

Maya and Dean’s first date took place at famous Jack London Square, but over the course of the series—and particularly in The Discipline—they visit and adventure through a number of amazing locales. They share dinner on the Embarcadero, walks along the Half Moon Bay coastline, and a smokin’ hot sailing trip into Ayala Cove, too. Beautiful, sexy fun!

What’s the most romantic and/or sexy destination in the San Francisco Bay Area to you, and why? And if you haven’t been here, what locations do you find sexy or romantic in your neck of the woods?

Jade A. Waters is an erotica author and poetess in California. Her short fiction is featured in anthologies from Cleis Press and Stupid Fish Productions, and she’s currently hard at work on the last book in the Lessons in Control series—The Reward, out June 2017. Visit her at

2 thoughts on “Top Five Things That Make The Bay Area A Romantic, Sexy Setting”

  1. R.L. Merrill says:

    The Bay is damn sexy and I love it when authors spotlight our beautiful area.

  2. JenM says:

    My favorite is the amazing view is of the Bay as I drive down the hill to go to work. My hubs and I sometimes just drive along Skyline at sunset, pull off, and soak in the view. It’s very romantic, and if the fog is rolling in, it’s cold so you have to snuggle.

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