Six Telltale Signs Your Lover is a Shapeshifter

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In my upcoming coyote shifter romance THE ALPHA’S CLAIM, I pair an aggressive alpha shifter with an oblivious human pancake house server and let the sparks fly. If Teddy had been a reader of paranormal romance, he might have seen some clues that Jim isn’t an ordinary man:

1. Never shoes teeth when smiling

Not everyone does. In fact, the act is discouraged in passport and license photos. However, if your main squeeze has mastered the art of laughing through slightly parted lips or if they have a habit of covering their lower face when smiling, they could be hiding fangs. They might be a shapeshifter.

2. Animals gather ’round

And not in the Cinderella or Snow White way that involves sweet singing birdies or mice with mad sewing skills. If your lover’s house seems to be a prime locus for dangerous beasts, and they think that’s fine—they might be a shapeshifter.

3. No respect for the clock

If your lover never has the same schedule two days in a row, tends to sleep in spurts, and has friends who tend to swing by at four AM to hang out, they might just be in college. But they’re probably actually a shapeshifter.

4. Extrasensory perception?

ESP isn’t a proven phenomenon, however some people do have unusual abilities to see, hear, and smell things moments before others do. If your lover always perks up and stares at the front door a few seconds before people ring the bell, they’re probably a shapeshifter.

5. No clothes, no problem

People who have to get naked by necessity—shifting into an animal form is rough on clothes—tend to have little shame about letting it all hang out. If your lover’s favorite outfit is their birthday suit and they show genuine concern about you being uncomfortable in so many clothes, there’s a good chance they’re a shapeshifter. (You might also discover that they have caches of spare clothing hidden in odd places, like in hollowed-out logs in the woods or in stone urns on their mother’s porch.)

6. Sweet obsession

If your new sweetheart is overly solicitous, never wants to take their eyes off you, and clutches you like a security blanket when they finally do sleep, they might be a creep. Or you might have a mate bond with them and they’re terrified you won’t come back. If you’ve made observations of at least three of the five phenomena above, the latter is most likely the case, and your lover is probably a shapeshifter. (Congratulations?)

Can you think of any other red flags that your lover isn’t quite human? Share them in the comments!


Holley Trent is an award-winning, best-selling author of dozens of romances. She writes about shapeshifters, psychics, demigods, fallen angels, fae, and more. Learn more about her books at her website, You can also follow her online on Facebook and Twitter

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