Visiting York

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WOLF IN KING’S CLOTHING takes place in 1912 in York, a walled cathedral city in the UK. When considering the setting for the story, I couldn’t get the image of York Shambles from my mind. It’s a warren of a place, and I imagined a younger Kent darting through crowds on market days or getting lost in the old factories.

While we can’t visit 1912 – and let’s be honest, who’d want to? They don’t have the internet – I wanted to share some of my favorite parts of York, which is a beautiful place to visit and has retained several aspects of its Edwardian (and much older!) past.

York Shambles – somewhere above this Kent makes the deal to search for Hadrian.

A view of the city – and the moon that shortens Kent’s timeline on his search.


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Along the River Ouse, where Kent looks for – and finds – trouble.

And finally, Clifford’s Tower, looking far friendlier than it does when Kent sees it!


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