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There’s nothing like heated dancing with a partner to rev up your senses! If the bass is right, the tunes inspire, and the moves bring you closer…talk about an aphrodisiac. I gave Maya Clery, the protagonist of the Lessons In Control series, a solid dose of dancing lust. When she first meets Dean Sova in The Assignment (book 1), she says, “If I’d seen this guy on a dance floor, I’d be hunting for an in.”

Fortunately for us, their relationship gets deeper, hotter, and heavier throughout the series—and by the time we see them again in the final book, The Reward, their intense dynamic flares not just in the bedroom but on the dance floor in a late night scene.

Today, I thought I’d share the seven sexy tracks that played in my head while I wrote Maya and Dean’s steamy dance floor number!

  • “Before I Ever Met You” – Banks
    • Okay, technically, this song is about a breakup. But with the delicious, gritty, grindy beat backing Banks’s beautifully sultry voice, it’s by far the sexiest song on the list and the tune that inspired much of the scene.
  • “Needed Me” – Rihanna
    • Rihanna has long been known for her hot songs. This slow, deep number has something rich and sexy working in it!
  • “Waiting Game” – Banks
    • Every quality deejay knows to slow down the beat here and there—and yes, this is another Banks song because I’m a major fan—but to this, I pictured Maya coming back from the bar to catch Dean’s eye…before melting right back into him all over again. (Hint: listen until the beat kicks in.)
  • “Closer” – Kings of Leon
    • This song has reminded me of Maya and Dean since the beginning of the series. It’s served as a backdrop for a few of their more scandalous encounters!
  • “Able to See Me” – Hippie Sabotage
    • I know little about this group save for the fact that this song fits Maya to a T. It’s more electronic than the others, with a sweet beat—and the lyrics are what gets me for her and Dean, every time.
  • “Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums” – Perfect Circle
    • So, this one is a bit different than the others. Still, it feels strip-worthy and seductive, like the track Maya and Dean would tease each other to as they danced.
  • “Feels” – Kiiara
    • Kiiara’s songs give me goose bumps, and this one felt like the perfect closing number with its good, slow, light grind that could carry them right back to their bedroom…

There you have it—seven sultry Maya and Dean tracks!

What are the sexiest songs that make you want to grind with someone you’re into?

Jade A. Waters is an erotica author and poetess in California. Her short fiction is featured in anthologies from Cleis Press and Stupid Fish Productions, and her Lessons In Control series launched in December 2016. Visit her at

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