If I could choose a super power…

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It would be invisibility.

I know what you’re thinking…

What about flying? Wouldn’t you rather be able to fly?

Or what about super strength? Wouldn’t you rather be able to stop a train?


You make valid points. Being able to fly would save me all those expensive flights to visit my parents who live 1,500 miles away. But that would lead to the inevitable calls from my mom to say things like, “Could you deliver some more banana bread? We’re running low. Also, I need my eyebrows plucked so bring your tweezers.”

And super strength might be handy for pushing other cars aside on the freeway when I’m late to meet my girlfriends for a girls’ night of margaritas and mayhem. However, it would also eliminate all excuses for helping friends move. The first of the month would find me single-handedly moving furniture from one apartment to the next and I’d never be able to claim my back was too sore for the job.

So, I’m sticking with invisibility. It would help me immensely on a day-to-day basis. I’ve got four young adult children. When they see I’m around they become incapable of caring for themselves and would starve staring into a full refrigerator. However, when I’m out of the house they each turn into Gordon Ramsay, whipping up fine cuisine. I could also totally bust the one who doesn’t put dirty dishes away and leaves the kitchen a mess. So far, that crime has been committed by the elusive “Not Me”.

In the books I write, I like to give my heroines super powers or talents that they don’t necessarily want. In A GRAVE CALLING, I’ve given Julie Hall the ability to find the dead using dowsing rods. She struggles with overcoming dark, quicksand thoughts about her abusive upbringing. She also has a daily battle with alcoholism. Julie prefers her quiet life living in a trailer on her grandfather’s farm. However, when an FBI agent comes seeking her help to find missing girls she can’t say no. Three girls are missing and the killer is still out there. Julie needs to help find the murderer before she becomes the next victim.

I hope that you enjoy A GRAVE CALLING and are intrigued by Julie Hall’s super power! If  I could personally choose a power it would be mind control so I could convince you all to buy my book.

What super power would you choose?

BIO: WENDY ROBERTS is an armchair sleuth and a fan of all things mysterious. She lives in Surrey, British Columbia where she is always hard at work on her next book. You can visit her on the Web at www.wendyroberts.com or follow her online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

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