Rhenna’s Top 10 Reasons Why Pinterest is Romance Reader/Writer Goodness

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to hit me:

  • (Always with the right mood music cranked up.)
  • Freeform writing. (As in zero goal other than thinking out loud with my fingers.)
  • The shower. (Makes for hell on the hot water heater, but who cares?)
  • Grocery shopping. (Hey, they don’t call it Target for nothing.)
  • (Because everyone has a story to tell when they’re drinking.)

But one of my favorite places to spin up ideas is Pinterest. Why you ask?

Well, let me demonstrate…

The hero from CLAIM & PROTECT is a modern day cowboy. The real deal who grew up on a working ranch, but has moved on to make his own dreams of flying for a living a reality.

So off to Pinterest I went and typed in Sexy Cowboy. Behold my top ten exhibits:










And the top exhibit for why Pinterest rocks for romance reader/writers…



One thought on “Rhenna’s Top 10 Reasons Why Pinterest is Romance Reader/Writer Goodness”

  1. Is this post missing pieces? I don’t see even one reason. Just a picture of a sexy cowboy and a numbered list with no entries. I’m so confused by what I just read.

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