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Get Your Grind On


There’s nothing like heated dancing with a partner to rev up your senses! If the bass is right, the tunes inspire, and the moves bring you closer…talk about an aphrodisiac. I gave Maya Clery, the protagonist of the Lessons In Control series, a solid dose of dancing lust. When she first meets Dean Sova in […]

Rhenna’s Top 10 Reasons Why Pinterest is Romance Reader/Writer Goodness

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to hit me: (Always with the right mood music cranked up.) Freeform writing. (As in zero goal other than thinking out loud with my fingers.) The shower. (Makes for hell on the hot water heater, but who cares?) Grocery shopping. (Hey, they don’t call it Target for nothing.) (Because everyone has a story to tell […]

If I could choose a super power…

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It would be invisibility. I know what you’re thinking… What about flying? Wouldn’t you rather be able to fly? Or what about super strength? Wouldn’t you rather be able to stop a train?   You make valid points. Being able to fly would save me all those expensive flights to visit my parents who live […]

The ON POINT Playlist


Regular readers of mine know how important my playlists are to me.  Sometimes one character drives the music selection more than the other, and that was definitely the case with On Point, my latest military romance featuring best friends and fellow SEALs. Maddox is musical, so it made sense that he would be the driving […]

Celebrate Pride Month with Carina Press!


The Carina Press team is fiercely proud of our authors and our variety of diverse reads! To celebrate Pride Month, we’re offering 25% off site-wide throughout June. Just enter the code PRIDELUV at checkout! See below for our recommended Pride Month reads. Which one will be your new favorite?   SINGLE MALT, Layla Reyne. Book […]