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10 Easy Steps to Help You Identify Your Equine Discovery


Have You Found a Horse or a Kelpie?   Are you near water? (An ocean, river, lake, fjord, or loch?) Continue to Question 2. Chances are you’re looking at a horse, but to be sure, continue to Q2. It’s very dark and I’m not sure. Continue to Q2.   Is the horse by itself, or […]

Six Telltale Signs Your Lover is a Shapeshifter


  In my upcoming coyote shifter romance THE ALPHA’S CLAIM, I pair an aggressive alpha shifter with an oblivious human pancake house server and let the sparks fly. If Teddy had been a reader of paranormal romance, he might have seen some clues that Jim isn’t an ordinary man: 1. Never shoes teeth when smiling […]

Visiting York


  WOLF IN KING’S CLOTHING takes place in 1912 in York, a walled cathedral city in the UK. When considering the setting for the story, I couldn’t get the image of York Shambles from my mind. It’s a warren of a place, and I imagined a younger Kent darting through crowds on market days or […]

A Playlist For When You Want to Outrun Yourself


Detective Daniel Cruz, the hero of Enticing the Enemy, spent five long years undercover as a gang member and nearly lost himself in the process. Now, he’s striving to be a better man and to keep any darker impulses under strict control, hedging himself in with rules and routines. A part of his new normal […]

Music for Surgeons and Broken Hearts


More than anything else, Necessary Medicine is a story about a young doctor finding himself—something that will be extremely difficult while he does a general surgery residency. (For five years after graduating with an MD, aspiring surgeons must work under the supervision of attending physicians in a highly structured program.) The days and nights are […]