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Rhenna’s Top 10 Reasons Why Pinterest is Romance Reader/Writer Goodness

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to hit me: (Always with the right mood music cranked up.) Freeform writing. (As in zero goal other than thinking out loud with my fingers.) The shower. (Makes for hell on the hot water heater, but who cares?) Grocery shopping. (Hey, they don’t call it Target for nothing.) (Because everyone has a story to tell […]

If I could choose a super power…

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It would be invisibility. I know what you’re thinking… What about flying? Wouldn’t you rather be able to fly? Or what about super strength? Wouldn’t you rather be able to stop a train?   You make valid points. Being able to fly would save me all those expensive flights to visit my parents who live […]

What the Staceys (and the Kowalskis, probably) love about camping


My new book, What It Take: A Kowalski Reunion Novel, takes place during the annual Kowalski family camping trip, so I thought it would be fun to ask my family what they like best about camping. (Full disclaimer: camping to my family means a 2 bedroom camper parked in a seasonal campground, complete with microwave, […]

The Songs of Summer


  Hot in the City is set against the backdrop of an August heatwave in the city of Boston, but I was drinking coffee in cold, rainy Oregon while I wrote it. I used music to evoke memories of summers past when I lived in Boston. Memories of cookouts, rooftop parties, cute dresses and flip-flops, […]

Vivienne’s Top 10: Why Having a Badass Husband During the Month of Love Is Awesome


When Vivienne first met Jace, she had a pretty darned good idea her world had just been turned upside down. She was right. After all, take-no-sh*t alphas tend to have a way of getting what they want when they want it. But she quickly learned having an alpha in her corner came with perks—especially on […]