Five Reasons Your Bodyguard Should be Your Boyfriend

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By Mia Kay, author of SOFT TARGET

In Soft Target, Gray Harper is in an impossible situation. He’s the volunteer bodyguard to Maggie Mathis, who doesn’t want a bodyguard at all.
In his defense, here are five reasons you need a bodyguard.

  1. He makes pancakes for breakfast.

  1. Ummm, hello … bodyguard.

  1. He stays between you and trouble.

  1. He watches over you when you sleep.

  1. He’s really good at Strip Scrabble. Or maybe he’s really bad at it. Hey, it’s a win either way.

What benefits do you see to having a bodyguard? (Gray may need to use them when he’s convincing Maggie to keep him around.)
Agents Undercover, book #1

Wounded FBI agent Gray Harper will honor his dead partner by returning to work—as soon as the Bureau shrink clears him for duty. In the meantime, a long vacation in his best friend’s hometown sounds like the perfect distraction. But Nate Mathis has another plan. His twin sister, Maggie, has a stalker, and Gray’s the only one Nate trusts to catch the bastard.

Admitting she’s scared would bring the cavalry, and Maggie Mathis has always taken care of herself. She certainly doesn’t need a bodyguard. As far as she knows, Gray’s in town to work as the Mathis family’s new business manager. That she’s always found her brother’s friend handsome is something she’ll keep to herself.

Gray’s real job would be a lot easier if he didn’t have to keep his intentions from Maggie. It would also be easier if he didn’t want to sleep with her. He certainly shouldn’t have kissed her good-night. There never should have been a second date.

All too soon, the line between responsibility and pleasure blurs. Gray hates to think of Maggie in danger. He hates that he thinks about Maggie too much, and of the day he won’t be there to protect her. Secrets aren’t easy to keep from those you love, but Gray needs to guard several with his life…before he risks losing Maggie forever.

Mia Kay is a new author who spent years writing legal documents and keeping people out of trouble. Now she spends her days looking for ways to get her characters into trouble. She lives in Arkansas with her husband, who doesn’t mind discussing (and sometimes causing) mayhem over breakfast.

The Accidental Tourist

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By Josh Lanyon, author of JEFFERSON BLYTHE, ESQUIRE


It’s here again. All the fun and excitement of getting ready for a trip to Europe. There’s special excitement, of course, because this is going to be a special kind of trip, but then every trip abroad is special.

Esquire’s Europe in Style, 1960

Nothing teaches you about yourself and the world around you like travel. Especially travel in a foreign country. I think there is no more valuable or important experience for the young at heart. Or the old at heart. Maybe especially for the old at heart.

That said, I hate traveling. I hate packing, I hate airports, I hate sitting in tiny seats surrounded by coughing, sniffing, snoring strangers for hours on end while we hurtle through the clouds and I try to find a comfortable direction to stretch my legs.

Heck, I don’t even like long drives.

I recently took a trip to Scotland, and I must say I did love Scotland very much. But my luggage was lost for three days, I seem to have mislaid two hundred dollars, and I managed to get lost on Orkney. Granted, not for very long, but still. Getting lost on Orkney takes some doing.

I love the idea of travel though. Especially the idea of travel back when it was a luxurious undertaking. Grand tours and winters abroad. Trunks and portmanteaus stuffed with jewels and furs and summer suits and smoking jackets. Steamships and airliners with sleeping berths and cocktail lounges and “altitude conditioning.” Candlelight dinners on the Orient Express. No extra charge for a splash of poison in the soup.

I wanted to capture some sense of romantic travel and adventure in Jefferson Blythe Esquire, even though it’s a contemporary story and the geography Jeff explores is largely of the heart. So I selected key quotes from one of my all-time favorite travel books, the 1960 edition of Esquire’s Europe in Style and spliced them into Jeff’s journey with (what I hope is) comic effect.

I’m giving away a hardcover copy of that vintage travelogue to one random commenter who answers the following questions in the section below:
1 – Name one place you vacationed when you were in your twenties.
2 – What foreign country would you most like to visit?




In this fast, fun and dead-sexy male/male new-adult caper from multi-award-winning author Josh Lanyon, twentysomething Jefferson Blythe gets lost, gets found, falls in love and comes out…all in the span of one wild summer

After his first relationship goes disastrously awry, Jeff Blythe uses his savings to tour Europe—the old-fashioned way. Armed with his grandfather’s1960 copy of Esquire’s Europe in Style, Jeff sets off looking for adventure but finds much, much more than he bargained for…

In London, dodging questions from shady criminals about a mysterious package he most certainly does not have is simple. Losing the gunmen who are convinced he’s someone else is not. And when George, an old friend, offers him help—and a place to stay, and perhaps something more—things become complicated.

Is George really who he seems? And is Jeff finally ready to act on his attraction?

From Paris to Rome and back again, Jeff and George fall for each other, hard, while quite literally running for their lives. But trusting George at his word may leave Jeff vulnerable—in more ways than one.

A distinct voice in gay fiction, Josh Lanyon is the multi-award-winning author of nearly seventy stories of male/male mystery, adventure and romance. Josh is the author of the critically acclaimed Adrien English series, including The Hell You Say, winner of the 2006 USABookNews Award for LGBTQ Fiction. Josh is an Eppie Award winner, a four-time Lambda Literary Award finalist, and the first recipient of the Goodreads M/M Romance group’s Hall of Fame award.

Connect with Josh!
Twitter | Facebook | Website


Piper J. Drake’s Top Five Memories Growing Up Asian-American

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By Piper J. Drake, author of HIDDEN IMPACT

Any of these memories could be shared with kids growing up around the world, to be honest. These were the pieces of advice from the Asian adults around me that stuck in my mind well into adulthood.

Never let a guest go hungry

Most of my childhood memories center around the kitchen and food, helping my mother prepare meals for guests. This was how I learned to cook and how I learned you could put your caring and love into your food to feed the people who mean the most to you. This was how I learned to make people welcome in my home.

I post a lot of my most often-cooked recipes on the website of my alter-identity, PJ Schnyder and I have to admit, I tested out a lot of recipes to decide on what my heroine, Maylin was going to cook in Hidden Impact.

Fork and Spoon vs. Chopsticks

The Thai traditional utensils are a fork and spoon. I learned to use these to eat most meals. It’s a pet peeve of my mother’s whenever she watches the much-loved (historically inaccurate) musical, The King and I.

Chopsticks are for noodle soup dishes, many of which are of Chinese origin.

I also learned that it was okay to enjoy something, no matter where it came from, but respect its history.

Reading and Mythology

My mother spent time with me and my siblings as children, letting each of us take turns reading a page, or a chapter, as we had story time together. We grew up on Laura Ingalls Wilder and Folktales of Thailand and the Ramayana.

We learned that children grew up differently in different places. And that places had a broad spectrum of beliefs and mythology. Mythology, from any culture, was an adventure for us.


My mother and father were called into a parent-teacher conference when I was in 1st grade. They were told they should immediately stop me from speaking Thai. The teacher strongly believed growing up bilingual was confusing for me.

My parents respectfully disagreed. They also helped me learn to speak English only in public and let me speak Thai at home or when I was visiting family in Thailand. They didn’t pressure me. They didn’t make me.

I learned to love languages as a result.

Be a Doctor or a Lawyer

Parents, friends of the family, even now as an adult some of my parents’ well-meaning friends will ask if I’ll take my life sciences “day job” career to finally become a doctor.

When they were growing up, a doctor was a well-respected person in society and made enough income to live a comfortable life. Being a doctor, helping people, was the best future they could wish for a child with opportunities available to them.

This Thai commercial featuring a young boy growing up to be a doctor makes me cry every time:

What are some of your childhood memories?


HIDDEN IMPACT by Piper J. Drake

Meet the men of Centurion Corporation—an elite group of mercenaries who will go to any extreme to complete a mission…even risk their hearts. A new high-stakes series by Piper J. Drake

He’s not the hero she’s looking for

As part of the elite Centurion Corporation team, military-veteran-turned-mercenary Gabriel Diaz is a natural defender. He’ll do anything to ensure a mission is successful. Anything but get emotionally invested—he learned the hard way that can be deadly. Easy bodyguard jobs in between the more challenging missions are all he’s interested in now.

Maylin Cheng is desperate and running out of time. Her younger sister has gone missing but no one seems to take her concern seriously. Her last hope lies in asking an aloof bodyguard for help. He dismisses her outright, but all that changes when she is almost killed in a not-so-accidental hit-and-run right before his eyes.

As Maylin leans on Gabriel, she begins to rely on him for more than just her safety. But as their attraction grows, so does the danger surrounding them. When the elaborate web they’re trapped in unravels, Gabriel will do anything to protect them. Even if that means putting his heart in the crosshairs.

Book one of the Safeguard series

How NOT to Get Away with Murder: Eight Perfect Ladies You Don’t Want to Mess With

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By Lisa Q. Mathews, author of CARDIAC ARREST (The Ladies Smythe & Westin, book one)

Whenever anyone called me “young lady” as a kid, I knew I was in trouble. Mostly for failing to act like a lady—whatever that meant.

Ladies smiled a lot and never interrupted. They wore pearls and perfume and little black dresses. They kept their legs crossed at the ankles and ate a ton of salad. It also helped if they were dead ringers for Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly.

Luckily, I fell in love with mysteries. That’s how I met a few perfect ladies—of all ages—who helped clear things up for me. They don’t always chew with their mouths closed or call the toilet a powder room, but these lady sleuths always bring their perps to justice. Cross them if you dare:

Miss Marple

Champion eavesdropper. Likes to knit. Annoys her neighbors in St. Mary Mead with long, boring stories.

Nancy Drew

Renaissance teen. Perfect clothes, perfect boyfriend, cool car, unlimited funds. Always polite. She’s just better than you.

Jessica Fletcher (aka J.B. Fletcher)

Named “most prolific sleuth” by Guinness World Records. Moved from a Royal typewriter to Windows 3.1. Deadly allergic to radishes.

Veronica Mars

Cute, snarky, kick-butt vigilante. Worshipped by marshmallows. Was originally written as a guy.

Hermione Granger (honorary sleuth)

Clever, gutsy overachiever. Trivia queen. Can be bossy. Last name was almost Puckle.

Detective Barbie®

No. Just no.

The Ladies Smythe & Westin

Odd-couple sleuth team. Impulsive young party girl and feisty widow. Base of operations: Hibiscus Pointe Senior Living Community, Milano, FL. Always give photogs the slip. Beware attack cat.


So who’s your fave female sleuth? Second one of the ladies above or nominate another in the comments!

1115_9781459290570_Web-(small-for-blog)Cardiac Arrest by Lisa Q. Mathews

When a man falls at your feet, you’d better hope he’s not dead

Twentysomething party girl Summer Smythe is starting over in the unlikeliest of places: Hibiscus Pointe, a kitschy retirement community in upscale Milano, Florida. Her new gig? Working for Dr. A, Milano’s much-loved cardiologist. But being in over her head is the least of Summer’s worries when her new boss drops dead…right in front of her.

Longtime resident Dorothy Westin prefers to mind her own business. But when the young blonde already causing ripples throughout Hibiscus Pointe becomes a person of interest in Dr. A’s murder, Dorothy springs into action. Not only because the real killer is still on the loose, but because there’s simply no way her clueless-but-kind new friend could have poisoned someone.

Dorothy and Summer soon discover that despite his chosen specialty, Dr. A had quite a reputation for breaking hearts. And if the Ladies Smythe and Westin don’t identify the guilty party fast, Summer will end up in handcuffs…and Dorothy in a body bag.

Book one of The Ladies Smythe & Westin

72,000 words

Lisa Q. Mathews is a former lifeguard, figure skater, and Nancy Drew editor. She also wrote for kids’ series such as Mary-Kate and Ashley and The Lizzie McGuire Mysteries and was Creative Director at Random House Children’s Books. A mom of three grown kids, Lisa now lives in New Hampshire with her husband and Golden Retriever. Like her co-sleuths, Summer Smythe and Dorothy Westin, she enjoys swimming, rich desserts, rom coms, and most of all a good mystery.

Please visit Lisa at her website and join her on Facebook and Twitter.

November 2015 Dear Reader Letter

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Every Carina Press ebook includes a letter from Carina Press Editorial Director Angela James to you! She gives you a peek inside all of the amazing books published by Carina Press that month. Get ready for your TBR list to expand; here is a handy guide to all of our November 2015 releases. Enjoy!

25447241 25719256 26871906 lgcover.9781459290273   25750546 1115_9781459290570_Web-(small-for-blog)
Dear Reader,

Here in North America, we’re swinging back around to cozy days spent inside reading, while some of you (picture me waving at you, Australia) are headed into summer beach days. Whatever weather you’re enjoying—or not enjoying, as the case may be—a good book is always in order, and I have a few that may be just what you’re looking for.

This month, we’ve got a particular emphasis on the mystery and romantic suspense genres. We also have the first in several new series and are introducing four new-to-Carina authors!

Barreling onto the scene with a new series, new genre and a new pen name, Piper J. Drake offers explosive (at times literally) action and an endearing romance in the first book in her new romantic suspense Safeguard series, Hidden Impact. Meet military-veteran-turned-mercenary Gabriel Diaz. Betrayed, injured and building a new mercenary team, the last thing he expects to do is sweep Maylin Cheng off her feet—and out of the path of the car that tries to kill her. But now that he’s fallen for her, he’s all in to protect her at all costs, while helping find her kidnapped sister.

The always incredible Josh Lanyon joins Piper in the romantic suspense category, with a charming and loveable male/male romance, Jefferson Blythe, Esquire. With only an outdated copy of Esquire’s Europe in Style to guide him, Jefferson Blythe sets out to see the world and runs straight into death, danger…and the boy next door.

And making her debut, Mia Kay brings us her romantic suspense Soft Target. Wounded FBI agent Gray Harper will honor his dead partner by returning to work—as soon as the Bureau shrink clears him for duty. In the meantime, a long vacation in his best friend’s hometown sounds like the perfect distraction. But Nate Mathis has another plan. His twin sister, Maggie, has a stalker, and Gray’s the only one Nate trusts to catch the bastard.

In a contemporary romance that unexpectedly hooked the entire Carina Press acquisitions team from the first page, Lucy Parker brings everything we love about romance and our heroines to the page—and the stage—in her debut book, Act Like It. Enter our heroine stage right: she’s the darling of the London press. Enter the hero stage left: he’s public enemy number one. They barely tolerate each other—and they’re about to become the most mismatched couple on the West End stage.

Two new authors join Carina Press with new mystery series. Debut author Lisa Q. Mathews is first on the scene with The Ladies Smythe & Westin series. In Cardiac Arrest, Summer Smythe, a twentysomething party girl making a fresh start in a ritzy Florida retirement community, teams up with her neighbor, feisty senior Dorothy Westin, to clear her name in the murder of her popular—but heartless—cardiologist boss.

Jonathan Watkins debuts with Carina with his previously self-published and newly reedited and revised Bright & Fletcher Mysteries. As soon as criminal defense lawyer Issabella Bright’s long-lost father blows into the Motor City, kidnapping, ransom and murder follow him and threaten to tear asunder the work-and-romance partnership she’s built with the man who will go to any length to keep her safe. And that man, Darren Fletcher, soon learns that shielding Issabella from danger could swiftly end with his Dying in Detroit.

Weather (ha, get it?) you’re under a blanket keeping warm on your couch or enjoying the sun of your summer, these books will keep you company for a few hours and provide some take-you-away entertainment.

Coming in December: Hitting both physical and digital shelves just in time for Thanksgiving here in the States is book two of Shannon Stacey’s combustible Boston Fire series, Controlled Burn. Also in December: Caitlyn McFarland ties up her dragon-shifter romance trilogy, male/male author Annabeth Albert joins the Carina team and Kate Willoughby is back with a terrific new hockey romance.

Until next time, here’s wishing you a wonderful month of books you love, remember and recommend.

Happy reading!

Angela James
Editorial Director, Carina Press

The Things We Do For Research

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By HelenKay Dimon, author of LINE OF FIRE

I write about a lot of special ops guys, undercover guys, retired military guys…you get the idea. I finally realized that since my heroes fire a lot of weapons, I needed to pick one up and give it a try. That line of thinking landed me in an all-day gun safety and target practice course at a place called the Aegis Academy. The website describes the instructors this way: “Our world class mentors are sourced exclusively from Military Special Operations Forces, Elite Law Enforcement units and select government agencies.” How could I say no to that?

A day of gun safety and target practice, of trying several different types of weapons and listening to the instructors, sparked a book idea and led to the creation of my Greenway Range series. The heroes are retired Marine special ops out of Camp Pendleton who open a gun range and personal safety instruction program. In CHAIN OF COMMAND they acquire the property and start the process. In this month’s release, LINE OF FIRE, they start building and planning…which meant I needed to do some planning and some research.

Honestly, spending a day with a bunch of well-trained and lethal guys who were patient enough to teach a novice like me about safety and guns was not a hardship. Well, not for me. Maybe for them, but I did learn a few things that came in handy as I wrote this series:

1. The best safety is keeping your finger off the trigger unless you intend to shoot.
2. A complete novice would not able to grab any gun and fire. Probably not well, anyway. There are a few things you need to know about your dominant eye and sighting a gun and other things first.
3. Double checking the chamber is no joke.

I use all of these lessons and a few more in a scene where the hero, Jason, is teaching the heroine, Molly, how to properly shoot. Admittedly, it’s way more sexy than the way I was taught in class because that’s Jason’s style. :)

The next class I want to take: one on how to use household items as weapons. I figure I’ll be able to use that in some book. If you have a class you think I should take/a skill you want to see a hero or heroine possess, let me know!

CARINA_0615_9781426899935_LineOfFireLINE OF FIRE by HelenKay Dimon

Book two of Greenway Range

With his military career over and his ego bruised, Jason McAdams is ready to start over. As a founding partner in Greenway Range, his new life is everything he’d ever dared to dream about, but it also puts him in constant contact with the one woman he can’t have: his best friend’s little sister.

Molly Cain has loved Jason for as long as she can remember, and seeing him now—damaged and self-destructive—is a constant heartache. Watching him numbly work his way through woman after woman is damn near intolerable. Until one summer night changes everything.

After a rocky start, the sex is hot and naughty and all Molly knew it would be. And when he makes another pass at her, Molly doesn’t say no. Or the many times after that, either. But Jason carries a secret—one that’s kept him away from Molly for all these years, one that could ruin everything. He’s been shot at and seen death, but letting the woman he loves find out the truth is the real worst-case scenario…

HelenKay Dimon spent the years before becoming a romance author as a divorce attorney. She now writes full time and has sold over thirty novels and novellas to numerous publishers, including HarperCollins, Bantam, Kensington, Harlequin, Penguin and Carina Press. Her nationally bestselling and award-winning books have been showcased in numerous venues and her books have twice been named “Red-Hot Reads” and excerpted in Cosmopolitan magazine. She is on the Board of Directors of the Romance Writers of America and teaches fiction writing at UC San Diego and MiraCosta College.

Three things to read during the Rugby World Cup

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By Kat Latham, author of the London Legends series

KnowingTheScore_final CARINA_0414_9781426898211_PlayingItClose 1114_ 9781426899218 _TemptingThePlayer 9781426899836-COV

This month, rugby fans around the world are glued to their TV sets in the hopes that their team will be crowned as the best in the world. As the author of the London Legends series—a contemporary romance series about the world’s hottest rugby players—I’ve been taking the World Cup as an opportunity to introduce readers to this incredible sport.

So, whether you’re new to rugby, or new to rugby-themed romance, I hope this list gives you a chance to learn about one of the world’s fastest growing sports! I guarantee you won’t regret it.

  1. An illustrated guide to rugby for virgins

Calling all rugby virgins! I put together this handy (I hope) guide using gifs and videos to explain the basics about how the sport is played and some of the most interesting aspects of rugby culture. With videos like this one, what’s not to love?


  1. Romance novels to read during the Rugby World Cup…and beyond!

If you’re looking for rugby-themed romance recommendations, I’ve got you covered here. The comments have loads more recommendations.


  1. An interview with rugby romance authors

I did an interview with Rosalind James, Nalini Singh, Mina Carter and Donna Gallagher for RT Magazine’s November 2015 issue. It’s only available to subscribers, but you can get it from the RT Magazine site.

Can you recommend any articles for new-to-rugby romance readers?
Please share them in the comments!

Kat Latham is a California girl who moved to Europe the day after graduating from UCLA, ditching her tank tops for raincoats. She taught English in Prague and worked as an editor in London before she and her British husband moved to the Netherlands. Kat’s other career involves writing and editing for charities, and she’s traveled to Kenya, Ethiopia and India to meet heroic people helping their communities survive disasters. Find out more on her website:

The Five People You Meet When You Get To Your Freshman Dorm

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By Alyssa Cole, author of MIXED SIGNALS

In Mixed Signals, the world is still recovering from the major cataclysmic event that occurred in Radio Silence and that we learned the origin of in Signal Boost. Four years have passed since the initial blackout, and life must go on. Maggie Seong, having spent the latter half of her teenage years tucked away in a cabin with her family, is heading off to one of the first post-disaster college programs. Although Maggie is reluctant to leave her family behind, she’s soon caught up in the drama of a blast from the past in the form of her ex Devon and a possible future with Edwin Hernandez, her brother’s friend and her self-appointed protector. Underlying Maggie’s journey of self-discovery is a danger that threatens four years of progress, and everything Maggie holds dear.

One thing that writing this book made abundantly clear to me is that my college experience was a very long time ago. Even though Mixed Signals has a post-apocalyptic setting, Maggie’s school life is more technologically advanced than mine in some ways! One thing I suspect wouldn’t be so different is the kind of people you’re forced into cohabitation with. If you went to college/lived on campus, maybe some of these people will trigger your memory—please share your fun dorming stories in the comments!! (I will preface this with the note that I was the socially awkward chick who blasted Dido songs on repeat in her room, so all generalizations are made in fun.) Here are the five people you meet when you get to your freshman dorm:


  • The Jock Roommates:

    These guys probably played rugby/football/baseball together in high school. They use the same hair gel, but one uses it to spike his hair up and the other to slick his hair down. When you walk past their room, you’ll smell Old Spice seeping out from under the door, and if you’re their neighbor you’ll have to ask them to stop bumping whatever hip-hop artist is popular at the moment after quiet hours.

  • The Phoenix:

    This guy or gal was on the bottom of the totem pole in high school but college offers a new opportunity to join “the cool crowd.” You’ll find them lurking outside the jock roommates’ door, or hanging out in the communal lounge talking too loudly about all the frat parties they’ve attended. The Phoenix is allergic to people from their high school and must rush away whenever they see someone who dredges up buried shame.

  • The Pleasant Creeper:

    This is the person who is easy to get along with, always super nice when you have a conversation with them, and, you begin to suspect, perhaps a serial killer trawling the dorm for victims. Certain stories don’t add up, and they often leave town to visit significant others who are clearly imaginary. My PbC dorm-mate enjoyed habits such as giving herself arm hickeys and claiming she’d received it from a jock roommate.

  • The Libertarian:

    Not necessarily a bad guy (and yes, usually a guy), the Libertarian will get high in his dorm room and then come to the communal lounge to educate everyone on states’ rights and how free markets lead to equality, while wearing a Che t-shirt made by children in Bangladesh and a phone produced by workers held in captivity.

  • The Gossip Maven:

    The gossip maven can be any gender. They are integral to the dorm eco-system, providing Monday morning recaps of everyone’s weekend tomfoolery and snapshots of students behaving badly. They also let you know which roommates are ready to strangle each other, which courses you should take the following semester, and which dining hall meals to stay away from on any given day.

Who’s missing from the list? Add yours in the comments!


26854784Four years after the Flare, the world is finally starting to rebuild

For Maggie Seong, that means leaving the safety of her family’s cabin for college. She won’t be alone, though—hunky former military cadet Edwin Hernandez, family friend and self-appointed Protector of Maggie’s Virtue, will be there. Maggie would much prefer that Edwin himself dispose of her “innocence,” but he’s already rejected her advances once, and a girl has her pride.

Things look pretty bleak romance-wise until Maggie discovers that Devon, the pre-Flare internet boyfriend she’d assumed was dead, is not only alive but on campus. Despite the passage of time, their bond is strong, and they quickly pick up where they left off. Even as Devon aims for a chance at love IRL—everything Maggie thought she’d wanted—Edwin’s desire to protect her makes her question her heart.

Maggie’s torn between the future she didn’t dare to hope for and the past she can’t let go of. And when a group of neo-Luddite terrorists threaten the campus, everyone’s loyalties will be tested. To ensure that the world doesn’t go back to the dark days following the Flare, Maggie might have to sacrifice it all.

Book three of Off the Grid. Read Radio Silence and Signal Boost, available now!

Introducing Harlequin Audio!

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Audiobook fans, listen up! Now you can listen to your favorite Carina Press books anywhere you go! Books by bestsellers like Marie Force, Shannon Stacey, Lisa Marie Rice and more are now available as audio books, so you can listen at the gym, while you shop or wherever life takes you. You can listen to a sample of each of the available Carina Press Harlequin Audio titles below and check back often as more titles will be added each month!

Harlequin Audio

Where you like to listen to audio books?

April 2014 Dear Reader Letter – #TBT

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Every Carina Press ebook includes a letter from Carina Press Editorial Director Angela James to you! She gives you a peek inside all of the amazing books published by Carina Press that month. In these #TBT posts, we’ll look back at the Dear Reader letters written since Carina Press launched in 2010. Leave a comment to let us know which month’s letter you’d like to see in our next #TBT post!

Dear Reader,

I’m jumping right into it this month because New York Times bestselling author Shannon Stacey’s next book in the Kowalski series is out in both digital and print at the end of April. Taken with You is the story of girlie-girl town librarian, Hailey. She’s easy to get along with, is a small-town girl who loves where she lives, but she also loves nice clothes and fine dining and is looking for a guy who will be there when she comes home at  night, and who will dress up and take her out to something a little more upscale than the local diner. It’s also the story of Matt, a hunky forest ranger who loves the outdoors, loves his dog and is looking for a woman who doesn’t mind his erratic hours, will Carina_0414__9781426898143_SpecialIntereststake a muddy ride on ATV and won’t kick him out of the house when he walks in covered in dirt. Needless to say, these two opposites attract when Matt moves in next door to Hailey and their story will take you on a wonderful romantic rollercoaster that will leave you with that happy book sigh at the end.

If you love the TV show Scandal, have I got a new series for you. In Emma Barry’s Washington D.C. set, politically charged Special Interests, a shy labor organizer and an arrogant congressional aide clash over the federal budget but find love the more difficult negotiation.


CARINA_0414_9781426897757_ImaginaryLines CARINA_0414_9781426898228_TapOut CARINA_0414_9781426898211_PlayingItClose onthesurface CARINA_0414_-9781426898297_LoveInStraightSets CARINA_9781426898204_TheAce
April is also sports month at Carina Press and we have six fantastic, very different contemporary sports romances being added to our already fantastic sports romance lineup. Allison Parr’s Imaginary Lines continues her new adult series. Tamar fell hopelessly in love with Abraham Krasner at age twelve, but knew he’d never saw her as more than the girl-next-door – until years later, she gets a sports journalist position covering the NFL team Abe plays for…

Author Michele Mannon follows up Knock Out with Tap Out. Underwear model and playboy extraordinaire Caden Kelly will let nothing stop his come-back as an MMA fighter, especially a red-headed busy bodied reporter hell bent on ruining his shot at a title. Meanwhile, Kat Latham writes the London Legends series about the world’s hottest rugby team. Book two, Playing it Close, features the team captain and a scandalous woman with whom he spent one passionate night and never thought he’d see again—until she turns out to be his.

Kate Willoughby brings the on-the-ice action when  a hunky hockey player falls helmet over skates for a nurse, but has to convince her he’s not the typical love ‘em and leave ‘em athlete in On the Surface. In a much warmer-weather sport, Professional tennis player Regan Hunter’s temper is as notorious as her unstoppable serve, but love and ambition will go head-to-head when she meets former player-turned-coach Ben Percy. Check out Love in Straight Sets by Rebecca Crowley.

And because we can’t leave out America’s favorite sport, Rhonda Shaw’s The Ace brings us a sexy baseball romance in a follow-up to her debut, The Changeup. “Love ‘em and leave ‘em” is real estate agent Karen Bently’s motto—that is until her longtime crush, ace pitcher Jerry Smutton, sets her in his sights and offers her a proposal she can’t resist.

_Carina_0414_-971426898167_GolemInMyGlovebox Carina_0414_9781426898174_SurviveToDawn Carina_0414_9781426898259_LadderToTheRedStar TwistedMiracles_AJLarrieu CARINA_0414_9781426898266_VengeanceOfTheHunter Carina_0414_9781426898129_ItHadToBeYou CARINA_0414_9781426898181_RomancingTheRunway

But it’s not all contemporary romance all the time in April. We have an eclectic selection of books from a lineup of talented authors (as always, right?) R.L. Naquin is back with her popular Monster Haven Story series. If you haven’t checked out this fun, sometimes zany, but always adorable series, look for book one, Monster in My Closet, at all of our retail digital partners. This month’s installment, Golem in My Glovebox, finds , crazy shenanigans mix with a gruesome, cross-country trail of clues, as Zoey and Riley attempt to save the rest of the country’s Aegises—and ultimately, Zoey’s lost mother.

PJ Schnyder is wrapping up her London Undead trilogy with Survive to Dawn, in which Werewolf and pack medic, Danny, must choose between his Alpha’s orders and the human witch who might have the cure to the zombie plague. And in the second installment of the Once Upon a Red World science fiction romance saga from Jael Wye, the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk unfolds on a devastated Earth 300 years in the future in Ladder to the Red Star.

AJ Larrieu debuts with her first full length paranormal romance novel, Twisted Miracles. A reluctant telekinetic is drawn back to New Orleans’ supernatural underworld when her friend goes missing, but once she’s there, she finds her powers–and her attraction to the sexy ex-boyfriend who trained her–are stronger than ever.
Talented fantasy author Angela Highland is back with Rebels of Adalonia book two in her epic fantasy Vengeance of the Hunter. As rebellion ignites across Adalonia, the healer Faanshi must save both the Hawk Kestar Vaarsen and the assassin Julian—the one from magical annihilation at the hands of his Church, and the other from a path of revenge.

For mystery fans, we welcome author Delynn Royer to Carina Press with her book, It Had to Be You. An ambitious tabloid reporter stumbles upon the story of her career when she joins up with a jaded homicide detective to solve the Central Park murder of a notorious bootlegger in 1920s Manhattan.

Rounding out the April lineup is a book for all regency historical romance fans. Wendy Soliman’s The Forsters series wraps up with Romancing the Runaway. When Miranda and Gabe discover her childhood home has been stripped of all its valuables, Gabe uncovers more to the old house than either of them had imagined. And with Gabe’s safety hanging in the balance, Miranda is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice…

I’m confident you’ll find something to love among these books and I hope we provide you with many hours of reading enjoyment and escape from the neverending dishes!

Coming next month: Fan favorite male/male author Josh Lanyon, an amazing science fiction lineup, more sexy cowboys & hot moments from Leah Braemel and so much more!

Here’s wishing you a wonderful month of books you love, remember and recommend.

Happy reading!

~Angela James

Editorial Director, Carina Press