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Which Romantic Suspense Hero Would Save Your Life


A Love Affair in Alaska


By Anna del Mar, author of THE STRANGER   My kids made me do it. That’s the short explanation of how I fell in love with Alaska and the sexy novel that came out of the unlikely affair. How a tropical-bred urbanite—yup, that’d be me—and a Midwestern suburbanite—hubby—gave rise to such a pair of adventuresome […]

Back-to-School Shopping Guide for Writers

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Even though the new year for most people begins in January, there’s no denying that the back-to-school season is a fresh start for students and lifelong learners alike. New routines, renewed motivation, and refreshed optimism are all great reasons to tackle that blank screen/notebook that you’ve been staring at for far too long. Here are […]

What Kind of Boyfriend Material Are You Looking For?


By K.A. Mitchell, author of BOYFRIEND MATERIAL Before GETTING HIM BACK, Wyatt had spent a year wondering what it would be like to have a boyfriend like Ethan. Now that Ethan is in Wyatt’s life—and spectacularly in his bed when they can find the privacy—Wyatt isn’t sure he’s cut out for being a boyfriend, at […]

Five Things I Love About Bear Shifters


By Kerry Adrienne, author of WAKING THE BEAR Bear shifters are becoming more common and that makes me happy. I love bear shifters—to me, they are sexy and a bit mysterious. And very, very alpha male. For a while, most shifter stories were about wolves—which is fine to me because I love wolf shifters, too. […]