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5 Sexy Ways to Get In Shape


If you’re anything like me (eating a cookie and swilling a latte) the holidays are over and it’s time to get back on the wagon. Since we are just in time for Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d give you my tips for getting in shape and feeling sexy at the same time. 5. Lap Dances […]

Sexy Time Frame of Mind


We all have that song. You know what I’m talking about. A song comes on the radio on a long car ride or hits your playlist when you least expect it and you’re instantly transported into a moment in time, where a memory flashes in your mind or emotions bubble to the surface. Music has the […]

The Dangerous Road to Romance


We all know that traveling with someone is a great test of a relationship. If the first few dates are going well, the next step is to try a road trip for a getaway weekend. Then you’ll really understand how well you get along. Do you share toothpaste, or use individual tubes? Is one person […]

Weekend Playlist


Every book I write gets a playlist, and the OUT OF UNIFORM books are no different. For OFF BASE, I thought I’d share the top songs from my Spotify and YouTube playlists. This was a fun playlist to put together because my heroes are so different. Zack, my SEAL, is a country boy who kept […]

10 Reasons to Ask for What You Want in Bed


By Jade A. Waters, author of THE ASSIGNMENT We’ve heard it time and again—Ask for what you want. In work. At home. In life. Yet, many still hesitate to voice their wants in the one place where doing so can yield some super sexy results… Bed! In The Assignment, Maya and Dean explore a D/s […]