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Which Capture Romance Captivates You


By Amber Bardan, author of DIDN’T I WARN YOU   If you’ve never tried a Capture Romance then you should know that this trope has so much to offer. Guaranteed to be high stakes, high conflict, featuring the most alpha of all the alpha heroes, Capture Romance has a trope for everyone—billionaires, Sheikhs, pirates and […]

How To Lose Your Job And Alienate People


By Laura Carter, author of VENGEFUL LOVE: DECEPTION VENGEFUL LOVE is the story of high-flying London lawyer, Scarlett Heath, and her devastatingly attractive billionaire client, Gregory Ryans (a.k.a. Mr. Sexy Bazillionaire CEO). Scarlett is a good girl, her world is black and white. She always plays by the rules. At least she did, until she […]

Cat-agorically In Love


By Elizabeth Harmon, author of GETTING IT BACK What’s better than a cute cat video? A cute cat video that ties purr-fectly into GETTING IT BACK, the latest release in my Red Hot Russians series. Okay, enough cheesy pet puns. I admit that furry friends in books and movies can make me nervous. Anyone who’s […]

Eight Sticky Situations at Book Club: How to Deal


By Lisa Q. Mathews, author of PERMANENTLY BOOKED Everyone loves book club, right? Sharing your favorite titles, great refreshments, and hey, a night out! Sometimes, though, things can go wrong. My co-sleuths Summer and Dorothy found that out firsthand when they started their own book club to catch a murderer in PERMANENTLY BOOKED. Here are […]

From the Editor’s Desk: When Your Submission is Passed to Another Editor


Here at Carina, we’re always looking for new authors to sign, publish and build. But we recognize that putting your manuscript out on submission can be an intimidating process. How do you make your manuscript stand out, from the query letter to the last page? We’re here to demystify the submissions process by giving you […]