The Carina Press team looks back on 2014 (with GIFs!)

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Hey, 2014. We kinda miss you. For this first ‘getting to know your team’ post, I asked a few folks from the Carina Press Acquisition team to share some of their favourites from 2014.

Jenny Bullough
Jenny Bullough, Manager, Digital Assets
“As a longtime fan of Chris Pratt (on Parks & Recreation) I’ve been overjoyed to see 2014 turned into The Year of Pratt. Between his voice work in The Lego Movie and his starring role as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, millions of others have finally jumped on the Pratt bandwagon – which is great, because it means MORE PRATT in 2015!!”

Margot Mallinson, Copy Editor, Editorial

“I haven’t been able to get over Disney’s Frozen, mainly because my 4-year-old still occasionally bursts into song. So my life is still filled with Frozen, Frozen covers, Frozen parodies… and that’s okay, because—have you seen the movie? It’s really quite good. And the songs are catchy.”

Brendan Flattery, Assistant Manager, Digital Commerce

“Scientology aside, Beck’s new album after 6 years was a highlight for me.”

Malle Vallik, Director, Editorial Digital Initiatives
“Jane the Virgin. This delightful, charming show reveals how to write the modern virgin, add in a Presents worthy hero and telenovella drama!”

Mine personally was Benedict Cumberbatch’s Ice Bucket Challenge because of ALL THE ‘BATCHES! What was yours?

Patty Anasco is a part of the Carina Press Acquisition team and is Manager, Site Operations for Want to know more about the CP team? Tweet us at @carinapress and use the hashtag #CPinsider to ask your questions. Patty (@pattyanasco) will keep an eye out!

Author Spotlight: Lisa Marie Rice

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Want a story that combines romance with page turning suspense? Midnight Promises is the latest book in the Midnight Series, and it features a former SEAL and a heroine with secrets. Take a peek behind the scenes with the special note from author Lisa Marie Rice below!

What’s in a name?

The heroine of Midnight Promises, Felicity Ward, has been undercover all her life. She was born undercover, you could say. Felicity grew up in the Witness Protection Program and changed names often. With each name came a different situation.

I can sympathize so much.

My given names, first name and middle name, the name on my passport and birth certificate, is Elizabeth Marie. Elizabeth is one of those names that can have a wide range of variations—Beth, Liz, Lizzy, Eliza, Betty…the list goes on.

For most of my childhood, I was Elizabeth to friends and family, except for my mother who nicknamed me Lilybeth, Queen Elizabeth’s nickname as a child.

In high school that started to change. I was Lizabeth, Beth and for a short time—I cannot fathom why unless it was that I enjoyed sunbathing—Lizard. Leafing through high school notebooks, it seemed that each year it was another name. I was even Marie for a while.

Then, after high school, we moved to Florence, Italy, which was an enormous change. I think it rewired me, head to toe. I started getting a handle on what I was called because otherwise I’d morph into the Italian version of Elizabeth, Elisabetta. I like the name Elisabetta but it’s not my name and I had to work to get people to call me Elizabeth. Which is a mouthful. So I became Liz—pronounced Leeeetz.

So all through interpreting school and in my previous profession as an interpreter, I was Liz. Some even wrote out contracts to Liz as opposed to Elizabeth. Many people thought Liz was my given name.

And then some very close friends all of a sudden, spontaneously and at the same time, began to call me Lizzie.

And now that I run a literary festival in Italy, I’ve become Elizabeth again.

And so here I am—Elizabeth, Liz, Lizzie, depending on my the mood, on the person, on the occasione.

And, of course, Lisa Marie.

About Midnight Promises

22703043In their race for the truth, love must prove more powerful than America’s worst enemy…

When a gorgeous, bleeding woman on the run falls into the arms of Sean “Metal” O’Brien, the former SEAL medic knows just what he can do. Heal her. Tend to her. Keep her safe.

What he can’t seem to do is keep his guard up. Something about the haunted, hunted beauty knocks down all his defenses.

Felicity Ward is no stranger to secrets. Raised in the Witness Protection Program, her whole childhood was a lie. But she couldn’t have known that her family’s secrets—secrets she didn’t even know she was keeping—could spark a nuclear war.

And nothing could have prepared her for the tough, sexy warrior who first saves her life and then vows to protect it, no matter what.

More from The Midnight Series:

Midnight Venegeance

midnightvengMorton “Jacko” Jackman isn’t afraid of anything. He’s a former Navy SEAL sniper, and he’s been in more firefights than most people have had hot meals. Lauren Dare scares the crap out of him.

Gorgeous, talented and refined, she’s the type of woman who could never be interested in a roughneck like him. So he’s loved her fiercely in secret, taken her art classes, and kept a watchful but comfortable distance. Until now.

Lauren had finally found a home in Portland, far from her real identity, far from the memories of her mother’s death, and outside the reaches of the drugged-out psycho who’s already tried to kill her twice. One tiny misstep–a single photograph–has shattered it all. She has no choice but to run again, but this time she’ll give herself a proper farewell: one night with Jacko.

Their highly charged emotional encounter changes everything. In Jacko’s arms there cannot be fear, there can only be pleasure. Anyone wishing her harm will have to pass through him, and Jacko is a hard man to kill.

The Thin Line

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By Emma Barry, author of THE EASY PART

I grew up watching the 1940 romantic comedy The Shop Around the Corner every Christmas Eve. I know it’s after the holidays, but stay with me. Starring Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan, it’s the story of two rival employees at a small shop in Budapest. They fight about everything and compete for every sale. They’re grateful that the folks with whom they’re (respectively) exchanging romantic letters are nothing like that pest at work.

Except they are one another’s correspondent.

And even before the secret breaks, it’s pretty clear that they should deal with their differences in the break room—if you know what I mean. (If this is sounding familiar it may be because it was remade in the late 90s as You’ve Got Mail.)

The thin line between love and hate, or the enemies-to-lovers trope, is old and fabulous. While all of the books in my series The Easy Part are opposites attract romances, my latest release, Party Lines, is an enemies-have-a-steamy-affair book. Their affair threatens their jobs, values, and sense of self—because the hero is a Democrat and the heroine a Republican.

9781426899454It’s not personal—it’s politics

Michael Picetti: a cynical Democrat who has seen too many failed campaigns. It’s not his first primary, and it’s been a while since he’s truly believed policy and public good trump all.

Lydia Reales: young, hard-working, optimistic…Republican. Getting her candidate in office means everything to her, and leaves zero time for a love life.

Both are determined that opposites don’t attract—at least when it comes to crossing party lines. As aides for opposing presidential candidates, Michael and Lydia are competing in an industry that requires total loyalty to their side. It doesn’t matter that with each teasing encounter they’re more and more attracted to each other. It doesn’t matter that casual flirting escalates to a powerful physical connection. It doesn’t matter that they might not be able to step away from each other without consequences.

As the campaign rages on and a reckless affair becomes a relationship, the inevitable reality sets in. In the end, loyalty to the campaign has to win. It doesn’t matter at what cost.

It’s banter-y and fun and heart-wrenching and, yes, they exchange flirty emails wherein they fight about the Bill of Rights. So, are love and hate really separated by a thin line?

Get your copy of PARTY LINES from Carina Press or your favorite online retailer!
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Emma Barry is a novelist and full-time mama and graduate student. She is the author of Brave in Heart, a historical romance set during the American Civil War, and The Easy Part, a contemporary romance series about political staffers, including Special InterestsPrivate Politics, and Party Lines. When she’s not reading or writing, she loves hugs from her toddler twins, her husband’s cooking, her cat’s whiskers, and Earl Grey tea.

Connect with Emma!
Website | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest

Reader’s Weather Advisory

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By Susanna Fraser, author of FREEDOM TO LOVE

I’m writing this blog post a full two days before it’s due and feeling quite virtuous about it, thank you very much. You see, while I almost never miss deadlines, I was one of those people who in my collegiate days wrote ten-page papers the night before they were due.

Why this sudden fit of punctuality? Well, I’d planned to write this tomorrow night, but then I saw the weather forecast—a massive windstorm, with a worst-case scenario of power outages so widespread some customers could be in the dark for days. Since I don’t want to have to stress over a missed deadline on top of stressing over having power to charge my cell phone and keep the food in the freezer from melting, I decided the only thing to do was write early.

And it got me thinking about weather in my new Carina release, Freedom to Love. While I didn’t consciously decide to make it a major presence in the story, the meteorological vagaries of late winter and early spring in the American South are always at least at the back of my characters’ minds. Henry, the British hero, shivers in the aftermath of the Battle of New Orleans and can’t believe a place with such a tropical reputation is so bitingly cold. (While I invented the rest of the story’s weather to suit the needs of the plot, that part came straight from my research—the British soldiers were miserable throughout a soggy, chilly stay in Louisiana even aside from the small matter of, you know, losing the battle.)

Later as my characters flee cross-country toward Canada they worry about outrunning the spring weather and finding themselves snowbound…and I even included a tornado. Since I grew up in Alabama, I have many vivid memories of powerful spring storms when a cold front crashes into a pocket of unseasonably warm air. So I thought, When else are you going to have a chance to put that part of your life experience into a Regency romance?

What about you? Do you pay attention to the weather characters encounter in books? And what’s your favorite kind of story to read on a dark and stormy night?

(By the time you read this, the windstorm predicted above will be long past. And I’m hoping my fit of virtuous punctuality will act as a sort of reverse-jinx to keep the worst of the storm away from the Seattle metropolitan area and thereby keep our lights on!)

9781426899447-COVFreedom to Love

Louisiana, 1815

Thérèse Bondurant trusted her parents to provide for her and her young half-sister, though they never wed due to laws against mixed-race marriage. But when both die of a fever, Thérèse learns her only inheritance is debt—and her father’s promise that somewhere on his plantation lies a buried treasure. To save her own life—as well as that of her sister—she’ll need to find it before her white cousins take possession of the land.

British officer Henry Farlow, dazed from a wound received in battle outside New Orleans, stumbles onto Thérèse’s property out of necessity. But he stays because he’s become captivated by her intelligence and beauty. It’s thanks to Thérèse’s tender care that he regains his strength just in time to fend off her cousin, inadvertently killing the would-be rapist in the process.

Though he risks being labeled a deserter, it’s much more than a sense of duty that compels Henry to see the sisters to safety—far away from the scene of the crime. And Thérèse realizes she has come to rely on Henry for so much more than protection. On their journey to freedom in England, they must navigate a territory that’s just as foreign to them both—love. 

Read an excerpt here.


Get Freedom to Love from Carina Press or your favorite ebook retailer: 
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About Susanna

Susanna Fraser has been writing since the age of 9. Her youthful efforts featured talking horses, but she now writes Regency-set historicals with a focus on the soldiers who fought the Napoleonic Wars.

A native of Alabama, she never lost her love for barbecue or stopped saying “y’all” as life took her to Philadelphia, England and Seattle, where she lives with her husband and daughter.

For more information on Susanna and her books, visit, sign up for her newsletter, read her blog, like her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

What We Want—New Adult Romance!

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Happy New Year! Carina Press is always excited and proud to publish wonderful, genre-crossing New Adult fiction—some of which you’ll see above—and we’re looking for more in 2015! Here are some details on the types of New Adult books our editors are looking to acquire.

Angela James, Editorial Director, would like to see:

  • New adult heist caper and romance. (I’d actually take a heist story in any age range, but this is a good place to start!)
  • A spy or military-set suspense new adult romance.
  • New adult-set male/male romance, particularly deeply emotional or angsty romances. Would also love to see a story that is super sexy or even erotic.
  • Dark new adult romance that deals with the darker side of obsession, jealousy, possessiveness and discovering sexuality and kink.

Kerri Buckley, Senior Editor, would like to see:

  • New Adult romantic suspense—sons and daughters swept up into dark family businesses, military heroes and heroines, nonstop action combined with traditional NA themes.
  • Super sexy New Adult set outside of college campuses. Supremely alpha heroes preferred.
  • New Adult mysteries or NA novels with mysterious elements

Rhonda Helms, Freelance Editor, would like to see:

  • Diverse New Adult romance—LGBTQ, people of color, multicultural.
  • Edgy, intense, emotional contemporary New Adult romance.
  • Non-contemporary New Adult with strong characters, emotion, resonant romance.

Deborah Nemeth, Freelance Editor, would like to see:

  • New Adult with multicultural and interracial couples. African-American heroes, Latina heroines, Bollywood romances…

  • New Adult featuring heroes or heroines in uniform, including m/m, contemp and suspense.

Submit your new adult manuscripts to Carina Press now, right here!

News from the Fatal Series

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Are you ready to dive into the latest in Marie Force’s Fatal Series? Fatal Scandal is out now, placing Sam and Nick in their riskiest case yet!

Order Fatal Scandal on Carina Press or major online retailers

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Did you know you can discuss your favorite Fatal Series books with other fans? Visit for both reader groups and individual book groups!

Plus, get a look behind the scenes of the Fatal Series in this interview with Marie Force:

Confessions of a Resolution Junkie

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I have a confession to make, Carina Press readers. I’m a resolution junkie: making no less than 3 resolutions a year, I venture out and try a few new things—some dubious, some really, really fun. (And speaking of fun things: one year, my resolution was to get onto a TV show, and true enough, ended up getting into Canadian Idol auditions—that was both terrifying AND AMAZING #truefact.) But unfortunately, one thing or the other often sidetracks me from my goals and those once-exciting plans are forgotten.

BUT! I am determined to break that streak, readers, and I’m not only here to help myself but to help YOU. Do you want to read more in the New Year? Write more? Shop more responsibly? Play Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood less? (It gets addictive really quickly, amiright?) I have JUST the tools to help you succeed in 2015.

Do you have dreams of being a kajillionaire?—both the app and the website—provides you with tools to stay on budget and plan for your future! Free to download and sign up, they provide you with budgeting advice, investment information and, bonus, colorful graphs to tell you how much you REALLY spent last month at Starbucks. There is nowhere to hide, friends.

Do you want to write more? The internet is chock-full of writing resources but I love, love, love Hanx Writer (created by Tom Hanks himself); not only because of the typewriter interface and sounds, but it’s also easy to use and get lost in.

Do you want to learn new skills? Duolingo and (both free, iOS and Android) have made learning new languages fun and achievable. Codecademy (free, browser) will help you learn how to code that first website or app all by yourself.

Do you want to make sure you can stay motivated throughout the year? Lift (free, iOS and Android) promises to “help you reach your goals.” With a number of categories you can choose from, you can get prompts from goal “coaches,” get support from the Lift community of users and easily keep yourself accountable throughout the year. No excuses.

So, are you ready for 2015 yet? I know I am! What are your go-to apps and sites that help keep you motivated?


Patty Anasco (@pattyanasco) is Assistant Manager, Website Operations for and a member of the Carina Press Acquisition team.

Kindle Daily Deals! December 29, 2014

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Is the eReader you got for Christmas begging to have great romances added, without breaking the bank? Here are 10 Kindle daily deals, ranging from historical to suspense, sports to new adult, contemporary to male/male—all 99¢–$1.99 each!

Click on the image or title below to read more.

Prices valid December 29, 2014 ONLY. 

Fatal AffairMidnight VengeanceAll In with the DukeUp To MeNo Such ThingWild OnesNo Accounting for CowboysHate to Love YouOn The SurfaceThe Kent Brothers Trilogy

“It’s A Wrap!”

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All good things must come to an end, and we’re here to showcase the fantastic final books of three great series! Plus, if you’re looking for a new series for 2015, we have some suggestions below that you’ll love.

Dead Simple by Shirley Wells:  A Dylan Scott Mystery

9781426899430-COVPrivate investigator Dylan Scott is struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife. He has to cope for the sake of his two children, though it’s easier to blame himself for her death and take comfort in a bottle of whisky.

When he hears that the man who helped him solve his first case has been killed in Dawson’s Clough, Dylan finds a new purpose and vows to put all his energy into finding justice for him. Who would have a motive to kill a kind man like Simple Stevie? As it turns out, everyone.

Dylan’s hunch is that Stevie must have snapped a photo of the wrong person, doing something they want erased, so he focuses his investigation on the town’s residents. But Dylan’s worst fears are realized when he again finds his own family in the crosshairs.

Start from the beginning: Presumed Dead

Transmuted by Karina Cooper: The Cherry St. Criox Chronicles

9781426899485-COVIn this final installment of Cherry St. Croix’s adventures, only one thing could compel the disgraced countess to return to Society—the threat of immortality.

All is not peaceful in the wake of the Midnight Menagerie’s ruin. Although the Karakash Veil has been forced to flee its stronghold, the mysterious head of the criminal organization is not content to fade away.

Above the foggy drift, a priceless diamond vanishes. In the dangerous Underground, a murderous rampage demands retribution. The hunt for the mastermind behind these misdeeds sends me back to Society—and into the unforgiving embrace of the world I’d left behind.

Nothing is what it seems. Enemies, allies—and a man who struggles with a nature even devotion cannot tame. Torn between the scars of the past and fragile new beginnings, I must create balance in the world I have chosen—and with the people I have come to love. The game has changed; should the Veil achieve the immortality it craves, I will have nowhere left to run.

Start from the beginning: The Mysterious Case of Mr. Strangeway

Party Lines by Emma Barry: The East Part

{054453FC-D2B7-4F75-BED6-4161CF1EE658}Img100It’s not personal–it’s politics.

Michael Picetti: a cynical Democrat who has seen too many failed campaigns. It’s not his first primary, and it’s been a while since he’s truly believed policy and public good trump all.

Lydia Reales: young, hard-working, optimistic…Republican. Getting her candidate in office means everything to her, and leaves zero time for a love life.

Both are determined that opposites don’t attract–at least when it comes to crossing party lines. As aides for opposing presidential candidates, Michael and Lydia are competing in an industry that requires total loyalty to their side. It doesn’t matter that with each teasing encounter they’re more and more attracted to each other. It doesn’t matter that casual flirting escalates to a powerful physical connection. It doesn’t matter that they might not be able to step away from each other without consequences.

As the campaign rages on and a reckless affair becomes a relationship, the inevitable reality sets in. In the end, loyalty to the campaign has to win. It doesn’t matter at what cost.

Start from the beginning: Special Interests

 Start a series for the new year!

The Lexi Charmichael Mystery Series by Julie Moffett

Full of mystery, action and geeky humor, you won’t want to miss Lexi Charmichael’s adventures!

The Fatal Series by Marie Force

Politics, mystery…and romance. Follow Sam Holland and Nick Cappuano as they crack intense cases in Washington, D.C.

The Shadowminds by AJ Larrieu

If you’re a fan of the paranormal, check out The Shadowminds, featuring a heroine with telekinetic powers and romance!

Falling Under by Jeffe Kennedy

Looking for a new erotic read? Heat things up with the Falling Under series.

Trends in Male/Male Romance

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Happy Holidays from Ava March, A.M Arthur and Josh Lanyon. The three of us write what is known as male/male romance, a relatively new but steadily growing sub-genre where strong and intelligent men fall in love with…other strong and intelligent men! Today we’d like to share a little bit about our work with you.


All In with the DukeCARINA_0614_9781426898464_SharpLove

Ava March

When I ‘discovered’ historical romance years ago, I fell hard and fast for the subgenre. I glommed books from my local libraries. Seriously, I’d check out ten at a time and read them all before they were due. Then I’d go back and get more. Once I realized M/M romances existed, I went on another glom. But back in 2007, there weren’t that many M/M historicals out there. In the grand scheme of things, there weren’t a heck of a lot of M/M romances, period. So for the first time in years, I read other genres and discovered some amazing books. Yet I wanted to read erotic stories of men in Regency England falling in love. So I started penning my own.

As the ebook market has grown, so has the quantity and diversity of M/M romances. And with that growth has come more M/M historicals. I set my books in England during the Regency era…which happens to be my favorite time period for romance. The gorgeous clothes, the proper manners, the luscious element of excess. A time when men strove to be gentlemen…at least when out in public. Yet the historical subgenre includes up through World War II, which gives readers a vast array of options.

If you are in the mood for gladiators, 18th century spy catchers, WWI fighters, or an Age of Sail romance, you can find them from Fae Sutherland/Marguerite Labbe, Tyler Flynn, Charlie Cochrane and Alex Beecroft. And if you are in the mood for a smoking hot Regency romance with some yummy angst, check out the books in my Gambling on Love series, with book #3 (Viscount’s Wager) coming in 2015.

I’m so excited that there are more authors now than ever writing M/M historicals. The subgenre was my first love of romance, after all. And I’ll be on the lookout for more historicals to add to my to-read list in the new year.

About Ava March

Ava March is an author of sexy, emotionally intense M/M historical erotic romances. She loves writing in the Regency time period, where proper decorum is of the utmost importance, but where anything can happen behind closed doors. With over fifteen works to her credit, her books have been finalists in the Rainbow Awards and More Than Magic contest, and deemed ‘must-haves’ for Historical M/M romance by RT Book Reviews readers.

Connect with Ava March: Website | Blog | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest




A.M Arthur

M/M romance is an exciting, dynamic genre in which to both read and write. I’ve been a fan and loyal reader of many of my fellow m//m authors long before I first published my own stories. When I first discovered the genre, I admit that I went on a bit of reading binge. I sampled a little bit of everything: contemporary, historical, SF/F, humor, erotica, and everything in between. As a reader, I enjoy diversity in my subgenres. As a writer, I most enjoy contemporaries with adult characters.

When New Adult became a thing, I decided that I wanted to give writing an NA series a shot, and that is how the Belonging Series was born, and I am very lucky to have a found a great home for it with Carina Press. The unique troubles and stresses of NA characters was a fun playground, and I adore those boys. For me 2014 was definitely the year of New Adult.

But as the trilogy came to an end and another character decided he wanted his own book, I realized that James wouldn’t fit into the world of the Belonging characters. To start, he’s thirty-four and so is his love interest. All of his friends are twenty-nine or older. So I left NA behind and a new trilogy of adult contemporaries was born. The first book, Getting It Right, kicks off the Restoration series on March 16, 2015, with two more books to follow. I had a blast getting back to adult contemporary stories for 2015, and I can’t wait to see wear my characters decide to take me for 2016.


Preorder GETTING IT RIGHT from your favorite ebook retailer:
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | GooglePlay | iBooks | Kobo


About A.M. Arthur

A.M. Arthur was born and raised in the same kind of small town that she likes to write about, a stone’s throw from both beach resorts and generational farmland.  She’s been creating stories in her head since she was a child and scribbling them down nearly as long, in a losing battle to make the fictional voices stop.  She credits an early fascination with male friendships (bromance hadn’t been coined yet back then) with her later discovery of and subsequent love affair with m/m romance stories.

When not exorcising the voices in her head, she toils away in a retail job that tests her patience and gives her lots of story fodder.  She can also be found in her kitchen, pretending she’s an amateur chef and trying to not poison herself or others with her cuisine experiments.

Contact with A.M. Arthur!
Email | Website | Twitter | Tumblr



strangerontheshore CARINA_1114_9781426890451_FairGame CARINA_1114_9781426898976_FairPlay

Josh Lanyon

My first love is mystery. I grew up reading everything from Raymond Chandler to Mary Stewart, so it was natural that my first efforts at writing Male/Male fiction would combine equal parts romance and suspense. Somehow if my guys aren’t stumbling over bodies or chasing clues together, it just doesn’t seem like true love to me.

I write contemporary, historical, and sometimes speculative fiction, but there’s always a mysterious element. What kind of men will you find in my stories? All kinds! I write about sensitive, artistic types — college professors and writers and ballet dancers — and I write about tough guys, men hard as nails — cops and FBI agents and Texas Rangers. I write about smart, competent grown-ups because that’s what I find attractive in a man — and in a woman, for that matter. A sense of humor doesn’t hurt either.

Next year I’ll be writing something a little different for Carina Press. Jefferson Blythe, Esquire is a New Adult caper. It’s about old maps, new adventures, getting lost, getting found, getting drunk, and being mistaken for an international criminal. In other words, normal summer vacation when you’re in your twenties. It’s going to be a change of pace for me and my readers, but I think we’re all up to the challenge.

Start reading Josh Lanyon’s Carina Press titles today!

About Josh Lanyon

A distinct voice in gay fiction, multi-award-winning author Josh Lanyon has been writing gay mystery, adventure and romance for over a decade. In addition to numerous short stories, novellas, and novels, Josh is the author of the critically acclaimed Adrien English series, including The Hell You Say, winner of the 2006 USABookNews awards for GLBT Fiction. Josh is an Eppie Award winner and a three-time Lambda Literary Award finalist.

Connect with Josh Lanyon!
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What about you? Are you up to the challenge of reading something new? Have you tried Male/Male romance yet? Comment on this post in the section below to be entered in a drawing for a $50.00 gift certificate to your favorite online bookseller.