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The 5 Top Reasons to Read More


  1. It makes you smarter and keeps your brain healthy. Neurogenesis (growing new brain cells) can be stimulated by reading. More importantly, while activities like running and sex can also make new brain cells, using those new brain cells is necessary to keep them alive—it’s a case of use it or lose it, which […]

Are Diamonds Really A Girl’s Best Friend?


  Okay, I admit it, I’m not really a jewelry person, I have a couple of pairs of earrings that I wear for weeks and at a time and that’s about it, so when creating the Staffordshire diamond and necklace for Rough Edges, I had to do a fair amount of research.   I started […]

I’ll have a caper, please


If you’re in the market for action that’s high on risk, an adventure that’s light on lawful, and surprises that score big, then your heart is hankering for a caper. And why not, they’re amongst the most entertaining stories around. Full of unfeasibly complex situations with seemingly insurmountable odds, clever stunts, MacGyver-like tricks, delicious banter, […]

Five Fictional Couples With Chemistry

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  When I started to write my novella, STRANGE TANGO, I had one specific goal in mind … to give my main characters, Adam and Jessica, the witty banter and intense sexual chemistry I’ve loved in other fictional couples who ended up falling in love while on the job or mid-adventure.  Here are some of […]

The Loose Cannon Playlist

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    Loose Cannon is the story of two men coping with change—Edgar-Allen Church is trying to overcome a violent past and a bad childhood, and Miller Quinn is coming to terms with his sexuality while concealing his struggle from his family. Transformation can be tough to write about, but here are some songs that […]