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Character Interview: Natalia Hallowell and Genevieve Caine from Deep Deception


I’ve never done one of these and was a little nervous when I decided to give it a go. You’d think that as the person who wrote Deep Deception I’d know Natalia and Gennie well enough that their answers wouldn’t be much of a revelation. Not so. That’s the beauty of writing and creating characters, […]

Sealed with a kiss!


The first volume of the Love Letter Anthologies released this week. Yay! This project has been quite the undertaking – 4 authors, 6 volumes and 26 steamy stories. Uh huh. Yeah. We didn’t sleep, but had a blast creating them. The conversations were epic. And, at times, mildly disturbing. We shared a fictional (but frighteningly realistic) […]

War Stories from My Family


Wesley “Hauk” Haukon, the hero from How Beauty Saved the Beast, is a war veteran from Afghanistan who came home a burn survivor with an amputated limb and burn scars covering most of his skin. Though fortunately no one in my family was severely injured, I am the proud daughter and granddaughter of veterans—my father […]

Books you hate to love, and love to hate


Okay, so “hate to love” is maybe a bit strong. Think of this more as guilty pleasure reads. What are some books or series that you can’t stop reading to the point that it’s maybe a little embarrassing? For me, The Wheel of Time definitely goes here. I devoured the first seven books of this […]

A SMART 2013

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The New Year is all about starting fresh, making anew. For many of us its about making goals for the upcoming year.  Resolutions, of a sort. I am a firm believer in making goals. I make yearly goals, monthly goals and sometimes daily goals, especially if I’m not getting my monthly goals done.  Over the […]