The Equation for Love and a Happy Life

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By Lisa Marie Rice, author of MIDNIGHT PROMISES

Midnight Promises, the 5th book in the Midnight series, has just come out. If you read it, I hope you enjoy it.

Each Midnight book is a romance but it is also a component in the creation of a big, extended family, the family of Alpha Security International. ASI is a company made up of former Navy SEALs and just as the men were teammates and had each other’s backs in the military, now they are teammates and have each other’s backs in civilian life.

The men making up ASI are without a biological family. The Navy became their family. Once out of the service, and members of ASI, they have a ready-made family in their colleagues. Once they fall in love, that’s it for them, so they have their nuclear family and the extended ASI family.

Their women, too, are friends among themselves. They listen to each other’s problems, are fiercely loyal to each other and always help with problems (while consuming vast quantities of chocolate and white wine, essential components in problem-solving).

So when John found Suzanne, and Douglas found Allegra, and Bud found Claire, and Jacko found Lauren and now when Metal finds Felicity, they form not only strong couples but a strong network.

Isn’t that what we all want? To live our lives among people who love us, people we can love right back. The rest of the world can be—and often is—hostile, but the Midnight people have their enchanted circle of close friends. Life has and will continue to throw harsh stuff at them. Luckily, the men and women of the Midnight world are strong, resilient and smart.

But sometimes your own strength and smarts aren’t enough and that’s where their circle of friends is an entity that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Every member of the Midnight clan will help you bury the body, will stand fast with you against the world, will provide a shoulder to cry on and will give unquestioning loyalty.

To me, that is the best possible life you can live. With your life partner and soul mate by your side, doing work you love, among true friends. Love and friendship, the two greatest things in the world.

Do you have a circle of friends that are like family? I hope you do and I hope you realize how precious they are!

Happy reading! Lisa Marie Rice

CARINA_0115_9781426899348_MidnightPromisesIn their race for the truth, love must prove more powerful than America’s worst enemy…

When a gorgeous, bleeding woman on the run falls into the arms of Sean “Metal” O’Brien, the former SEAL medic knows just what he can do. Heal her. Tend to her. Keep her safe.

What he can’t seem to do is keep his guard up. Something about the haunted, hunted beauty knocks down all his defenses.

Felicity Ward is no stranger to secrets. Raised in the Witness Protection Program, her whole childhood was a lie. But she couldn’t have known that her family’s secrets—secrets she didn’t even know she was keeping—could spark a nuclear war.

And nothing could have prepared her for the tough, sexy warrior who first saves her life and then vows to protect it, no matter what.


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Can Love Conquer All?

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By Jeffe Kennedy, author of UNDER HIS TOUCH


When I began drafting Under His Touch, which is my ninth book for Carina, I did something I’d never done before. I sent my editor an email and said “here’s where I want to go with this story – is any of it TOO much?”

You see, I’d sold this story on spec, which means I wrote up a few paragraphs saying in general who the characters were and what the story would be about. I’d had the story idea for several years. By the time I got around to actually writing it, I discovered that it wanted to go to edgier, darker places than I’d realized. Fortunately my editor told me to go for it. She confessed to one kink-squick and I told her I’d make her love it.

Mission accomplished.

I really loved – and angsted over – writing this story of 22 year-old Amber falling for her 44 year-old, Brit-in-New-York boss, Alec Knight. This is the first time I’ve written a story where mutual passion and obsession overcomes good sense. As someone who’s worked in corporate culture for a good chunk of my life, and who is now in upper middle management, I’m well aware of the consequences of workplace sexual harassment. I’m on the side of being smart and using common sense. As a romance writer, I found it much easier than I had anticipated to dig out the emotions that would overpower that. In particular, I needed to find what would push Alec, a man of tremendous integrity, over the edge into questionable choices.

Turns out it took Amber, with all her determined and enthusiastic yearning.

One of the other first steps I took in writing this book, was to talk to, Mary, the Human Resources Director at my day job company. It was a funny conversation and I worried at first that she’d come down on my for my questions. Though the people I work with know what I write, we don’t discuss it that much – and with my position in the company, I’m not supposed to be at all unclear about our sexual harassment policy.

Instead, she took my hypothetical situation very seriously and we talked about Alec and Amber as if they were our colleagues, caught up in an intense love affair that crosses a number of workplace and personal lines. In fact, Mary had such wise and wonderful advice, ways of handling the situation that brought humanity to the process,  that my respect for her only grew. I tried to infuse her voice into those discussions as much as possible.

In the end, I convinced myself that what Alec and Amber found in each other is far more potent than any other consideration – career, age, or social expectations. That surprised me, but now I believe.

Maybe love does conquer all! What do you think – what would it take to get you to cross those lines?

CARINA_0115_9781426899461_UnderHisTouchAmber Dolors knows better than to get involved with her boss. Devastatingly handsome in his sharp suits and sexy beyond belief, he possesses an air of command that fuels her darkest fantasies. But she’s worked too hard to get this job, and keeping it will lead to a brilliant future. She won’t cross that line–even if his way of giving orders and demanding her best performance gives her delicious warm shivers.

Alexander Knight prides himself on his integrity and self-discipline. After all, he hasn’t risen to the position he enjoys by indulging his whims over ambition. He also isn’t blind. He’s certainly noticed his sharp, young assistant is hot as hell. His self-imposed sexual hermitage doesn’t stop him from watching her. And endlessly fantasizing.

The day Alec’s cool reserve cracks and Amber catches a glimpse of something simmering beneath his apparent indifference is the day everything between them changes. Alec gives her what she’s been looking for sexually–as masterful in the bedroom as he is in the boardroom. He finds himself in the grip of an affair that tests even his boundaries, while Amber’s new role as willing student pushes them both past any consideration other than mutual longing.


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Jeffe Kennedy is an award-winning author whose works include non-fiction, poetry, short fiction, and novels. She has been a Ucross Foundation Fellow, received an Arts Council Fellowship for Poetry, and a Frank Nelson Doubleday Memorial Award. Her essays have appeared in many publications, including Redbook.

She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with two Maine coon cats, plentiful free-range lizards and a handsome Doctor of Oriental Medicine. She is represented by Connor Goldsmith of Fuse Literary.

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Writing My Way Home

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By A.J. Larrieu, author of BROKEN SHADOWS

I’m a Southerner by birth and upbringing, but for the past decade, I’ve lived in not-so-sunny San Francisco. Homesickness is something I’ve learned to live with, a low level of unease and loneliness that simmers in my head. One of the ways I’ve dealt with that feeling is by writing my way back home to Louisiana—there’s nothing like writing about a place to help you feel close to it. But with Broken Shadows, the third book in my Shadowminds series, I took a different path. Instead of writing my way back home, I wrote about the city that has—slowly but inevitably—become home to me.

There’s a famous quote by Tennessee Williams: “America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland.” I don’t agree with this—every city has it a unique personality—but I do think it’s true that San Francisco has an unmistakable character all it’s own. And one of the things I became fascinated with while writing Broken Shadows was exploring how that character is changing.

San Francisco is growing. The tech boom has created a huge number of jobs in high-tech fields, and those jobs have fueled real estate growth that has changed the face of the city. Neighborhoods that used to be full of three-unit apartment buildings from the 1920s and cramped locally owned grocers are being reshaped to include high-rise luxury condo complexes and fancy gourmet supermarkets. It’s a big deal—and a controversial one. And it forms the backdrop of my hero and heroine’s own converging searches for identity.

I’m fascinated by the ways that place influences our senses of ourselves. The search for identity and purpose amid opposing forces is something I see this city grapple with every day, and I ended up being fascinating by the same sorts of forces at work on my characters. The setting of a complicated, changing city was perfect for a woman struggling with changing ideas about herself and where she fits in the world.

My heroine, Mina, is struggling with an identity crisis of sorts. A telekinetic who’s lost her powers, she’s unsure of where she fits in the supernatural world she was raised in. She’s tried to forget, but just like the unique personalities of San Francisco’s neighborhoods, the roots of her character can’t be wished away. In the end, she has to build something new out of her past and her hopes for her future. I hope readers will enjoy Mina’s story as much as I have, and maybe, like me, recognize a little bit of their own journeys in hers.

9781426899478-COVEveryone has a breaking point.

Mina Tanner was once a converter, a human with telekinetic and telepathic abilities. After a vicious mental assault by an evil shadowmind stripped her of her powers, she was forced to flee her home to escape her attacker. Now, she’s trying to start a new life in San Francisco, far away from any and all reminders of the gifts she grew up using.

But her precariously balanced “normal” life topples as her apartment and her job fall victim to a new luxury development. Jackson Herring, an old family friend and powerful converter, offers Mina his spare bedroom while she gets on her feet, and she agrees…reluctantly. Mina’s finding it difficult enough to adjust without a daily reminder of what she’s lost, especially when that reminder is six-foot-four, super-talented and gorgeous.

When a mugger attacks her and she somehow burns his hands, Mina realizes that despite everything she’s lost, she may have gained something far more powerful–and dangerous–than she ever imagined. And when the rest of the shadowmind community learns about it, Mina will find herself on the run once again.

Book three of The Shadowminds

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A.J. Larrieu is a Southerner in San Francisco, a scientist, and a lover of beta heroes. She is the author the dark, sexy Shadowminds series, which follows a group of ordinary people with extraordinary powers. She loves to hear from readers! Drop her a line at, friend her on facebook, or follow her on twitter. You can find out more about A.J. and her books at

The Carina Press team looks back on 2014 (with GIFs!)

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Hey, 2014. We kinda miss you. For this first ‘getting to know your team’ post, I asked a few folks from the Carina Press Acquisition team to share some of their favourites from 2014.

Jenny Bullough
Jenny Bullough, Manager, Digital Assets
“As a longtime fan of Chris Pratt (on Parks & Recreation) I’ve been overjoyed to see 2014 turned into The Year of Pratt. Between his voice work in The Lego Movie and his starring role as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, millions of others have finally jumped on the Pratt bandwagon – which is great, because it means MORE PRATT in 2015!!”

Margot Mallinson, Copy Editor, Editorial

“I haven’t been able to get over Disney’s Frozen, mainly because my 4-year-old still occasionally bursts into song. So my life is still filled with Frozen, Frozen covers, Frozen parodies… and that’s okay, because—have you seen the movie? It’s really quite good. And the songs are catchy.”

Brendan Flattery, Assistant Manager, Digital Commerce

“Scientology aside, Beck’s new album after 6 years was a highlight for me.”

Malle Vallik, Director, Editorial Digital Initiatives
“Jane the Virgin. This delightful, charming show reveals how to write the modern virgin, add in a Presents worthy hero and telenovella drama!”

Mine personally was Benedict Cumberbatch’s Ice Bucket Challenge because of ALL THE ‘BATCHES! What was yours?

Patty Anasco is a part of the Carina Press Acquisition team and is Manager, Site Operations for Want to know more about the CP team? Tweet us at @carinapress and use the hashtag #CPinsider to ask your questions. Patty (@pattyanasco) will keep an eye out!

Author Spotlight: Lisa Marie Rice

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Want a story that combines romance with page turning suspense? Midnight Promises is the latest book in the Midnight Series, and it features a former SEAL and a heroine with secrets. Take a peek behind the scenes with the special note from author Lisa Marie Rice below!

What’s in a name?

The heroine of Midnight Promises, Felicity Ward, has been undercover all her life. She was born undercover, you could say. Felicity grew up in the Witness Protection Program and changed names often. With each name came a different situation.

I can sympathize so much.

My given names, first name and middle name, the name on my passport and birth certificate, is Elizabeth Marie. Elizabeth is one of those names that can have a wide range of variations—Beth, Liz, Lizzy, Eliza, Betty…the list goes on.

For most of my childhood, I was Elizabeth to friends and family, except for my mother who nicknamed me Lilybeth, Queen Elizabeth’s nickname as a child.

In high school that started to change. I was Lizabeth, Beth and for a short time—I cannot fathom why unless it was that I enjoyed sunbathing—Lizard. Leafing through high school notebooks, it seemed that each year it was another name. I was even Marie for a while.

Then, after high school, we moved to Florence, Italy, which was an enormous change. I think it rewired me, head to toe. I started getting a handle on what I was called because otherwise I’d morph into the Italian version of Elizabeth, Elisabetta. I like the name Elisabetta but it’s not my name and I had to work to get people to call me Elizabeth. Which is a mouthful. So I became Liz—pronounced Leeeetz.

So all through interpreting school and in my previous profession as an interpreter, I was Liz. Some even wrote out contracts to Liz as opposed to Elizabeth. Many people thought Liz was my given name.

And then some very close friends all of a sudden, spontaneously and at the same time, began to call me Lizzie.

And now that I run a literary festival in Italy, I’ve become Elizabeth again.

And so here I am—Elizabeth, Liz, Lizzie, depending on my the mood, on the person, on the occasione.

And, of course, Lisa Marie.

About Midnight Promises

22703043In their race for the truth, love must prove more powerful than America’s worst enemy…

When a gorgeous, bleeding woman on the run falls into the arms of Sean “Metal” O’Brien, the former SEAL medic knows just what he can do. Heal her. Tend to her. Keep her safe.

What he can’t seem to do is keep his guard up. Something about the haunted, hunted beauty knocks down all his defenses.

Felicity Ward is no stranger to secrets. Raised in the Witness Protection Program, her whole childhood was a lie. But she couldn’t have known that her family’s secrets—secrets she didn’t even know she was keeping—could spark a nuclear war.

And nothing could have prepared her for the tough, sexy warrior who first saves her life and then vows to protect it, no matter what.

More from The Midnight Series:

Midnight Venegeance

midnightvengMorton “Jacko” Jackman isn’t afraid of anything. He’s a former Navy SEAL sniper, and he’s been in more firefights than most people have had hot meals. Lauren Dare scares the crap out of him.

Gorgeous, talented and refined, she’s the type of woman who could never be interested in a roughneck like him. So he’s loved her fiercely in secret, taken her art classes, and kept a watchful but comfortable distance. Until now.

Lauren had finally found a home in Portland, far from her real identity, far from the memories of her mother’s death, and outside the reaches of the drugged-out psycho who’s already tried to kill her twice. One tiny misstep–a single photograph–has shattered it all. She has no choice but to run again, but this time she’ll give herself a proper farewell: one night with Jacko.

Their highly charged emotional encounter changes everything. In Jacko’s arms there cannot be fear, there can only be pleasure. Anyone wishing her harm will have to pass through him, and Jacko is a hard man to kill.

The Thin Line

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By Emma Barry, author of THE EASY PART

I grew up watching the 1940 romantic comedy The Shop Around the Corner every Christmas Eve. I know it’s after the holidays, but stay with me. Starring Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan, it’s the story of two rival employees at a small shop in Budapest. They fight about everything and compete for every sale. They’re grateful that the folks with whom they’re (respectively) exchanging romantic letters are nothing like that pest at work.

Except they are one another’s correspondent.

And even before the secret breaks, it’s pretty clear that they should deal with their differences in the break room—if you know what I mean. (If this is sounding familiar it may be because it was remade in the late 90s as You’ve Got Mail.)

The thin line between love and hate, or the enemies-to-lovers trope, is old and fabulous. While all of the books in my series The Easy Part are opposites attract romances, my latest release, Party Lines, is an enemies-have-a-steamy-affair book. Their affair threatens their jobs, values, and sense of self—because the hero is a Democrat and the heroine a Republican.

9781426899454It’s not personal—it’s politics

Michael Picetti: a cynical Democrat who has seen too many failed campaigns. It’s not his first primary, and it’s been a while since he’s truly believed policy and public good trump all.

Lydia Reales: young, hard-working, optimistic…Republican. Getting her candidate in office means everything to her, and leaves zero time for a love life.

Both are determined that opposites don’t attract—at least when it comes to crossing party lines. As aides for opposing presidential candidates, Michael and Lydia are competing in an industry that requires total loyalty to their side. It doesn’t matter that with each teasing encounter they’re more and more attracted to each other. It doesn’t matter that casual flirting escalates to a powerful physical connection. It doesn’t matter that they might not be able to step away from each other without consequences.

As the campaign rages on and a reckless affair becomes a relationship, the inevitable reality sets in. In the end, loyalty to the campaign has to win. It doesn’t matter at what cost.

It’s banter-y and fun and heart-wrenching and, yes, they exchange flirty emails wherein they fight about the Bill of Rights. So, are love and hate really separated by a thin line?

Get your copy of PARTY LINES from Carina Press or your favorite online retailer!
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Emma Barry is a novelist and full-time mama and graduate student. She is the author of Brave in Heart, a historical romance set during the American Civil War, and The Easy Part, a contemporary romance series about political staffers, including Special InterestsPrivate Politics, and Party Lines. When she’s not reading or writing, she loves hugs from her toddler twins, her husband’s cooking, her cat’s whiskers, and Earl Grey tea.

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Reader’s Weather Advisory

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By Susanna Fraser, author of FREEDOM TO LOVE

I’m writing this blog post a full two days before it’s due and feeling quite virtuous about it, thank you very much. You see, while I almost never miss deadlines, I was one of those people who in my collegiate days wrote ten-page papers the night before they were due.

Why this sudden fit of punctuality? Well, I’d planned to write this tomorrow night, but then I saw the weather forecast—a massive windstorm, with a worst-case scenario of power outages so widespread some customers could be in the dark for days. Since I don’t want to have to stress over a missed deadline on top of stressing over having power to charge my cell phone and keep the food in the freezer from melting, I decided the only thing to do was write early.

And it got me thinking about weather in my new Carina release, Freedom to Love. While I didn’t consciously decide to make it a major presence in the story, the meteorological vagaries of late winter and early spring in the American South are always at least at the back of my characters’ minds. Henry, the British hero, shivers in the aftermath of the Battle of New Orleans and can’t believe a place with such a tropical reputation is so bitingly cold. (While I invented the rest of the story’s weather to suit the needs of the plot, that part came straight from my research—the British soldiers were miserable throughout a soggy, chilly stay in Louisiana even aside from the small matter of, you know, losing the battle.)

Later as my characters flee cross-country toward Canada they worry about outrunning the spring weather and finding themselves snowbound…and I even included a tornado. Since I grew up in Alabama, I have many vivid memories of powerful spring storms when a cold front crashes into a pocket of unseasonably warm air. So I thought, When else are you going to have a chance to put that part of your life experience into a Regency romance?

What about you? Do you pay attention to the weather characters encounter in books? And what’s your favorite kind of story to read on a dark and stormy night?

(By the time you read this, the windstorm predicted above will be long past. And I’m hoping my fit of virtuous punctuality will act as a sort of reverse-jinx to keep the worst of the storm away from the Seattle metropolitan area and thereby keep our lights on!)

9781426899447-COVFreedom to Love

Louisiana, 1815

Thérèse Bondurant trusted her parents to provide for her and her young half-sister, though they never wed due to laws against mixed-race marriage. But when both die of a fever, Thérèse learns her only inheritance is debt—and her father’s promise that somewhere on his plantation lies a buried treasure. To save her own life—as well as that of her sister—she’ll need to find it before her white cousins take possession of the land.

British officer Henry Farlow, dazed from a wound received in battle outside New Orleans, stumbles onto Thérèse’s property out of necessity. But he stays because he’s become captivated by her intelligence and beauty. It’s thanks to Thérèse’s tender care that he regains his strength just in time to fend off her cousin, inadvertently killing the would-be rapist in the process.

Though he risks being labeled a deserter, it’s much more than a sense of duty that compels Henry to see the sisters to safety—far away from the scene of the crime. And Thérèse realizes she has come to rely on Henry for so much more than protection. On their journey to freedom in England, they must navigate a territory that’s just as foreign to them both—love. 

Read an excerpt here.


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About Susanna

Susanna Fraser has been writing since the age of 9. Her youthful efforts featured talking horses, but she now writes Regency-set historicals with a focus on the soldiers who fought the Napoleonic Wars.

A native of Alabama, she never lost her love for barbecue or stopped saying “y’all” as life took her to Philadelphia, England and Seattle, where she lives with her husband and daughter.

For more information on Susanna and her books, visit, sign up for her newsletter, read her blog, like her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

The North–South Divide

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By Shirley Wells, author of DEAD SIMPLE

This may surprise people across the pond, but there’s a strong North-South divide in England. This is strange when you consider the size of the country. Or perhaps it’s because the country’s so small that this divide exists.

Dylan Scott, private investigator and southerner, is heading back to the north in Dead Silent. Like most people from the south, Dylan believed that all northerners spend their time breeding pigeons, wearing flat caps on their heads and clogs on their feet like characters from Victorian times, and eating chips (fries) with gravy. Northerners, on the other hand, believe southerners are soft wimps, sound as if they’re sucking a lemon when they speak and – well, what’s wrong with chips and gravy anyway?

Dylan, however, is beginning to realize that life in the north isn’t as bad as he feared. Okay, the weather is harsher than he’s used to or would like, but the people are genuine and, unlike their southern counterparts, are happy to talk to strangers. That comes in useful when you’re a private investigator.

Those of you familiar with this series will know that Dylan is something of a chauvinist, but his heart’s in the right place and he’ll always, but always, fight the underdog’s corner. In Dead Simple he’s doing exactly that.

9781426899430-COVPrivate investigator Dylan Scott is struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife. He has to cope for the sake of his two children, though it’s easier to blame himself for her death and take comfort in a bottle of whisky.

When he hears that the man who helped him solve his first case has been killed in Dawson’s Clough, Dylan finds a new purpose and vows to put all his energy into finding justice for him. Who would have a motive to kill a kind man like Simple Stevie? As it turns out, everyone.

Dylan’s hunch is that Stevie must have snapped a photo of the wrong person, doing something they want erased, so he focuses his investigation on the town’s residents. But Dylan’s worst fears are realized when he again finds his own family in the crosshairs.


Download Dead Simple from Carina Press or your favorite ebook retailer:
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I must admit that, as a southerner myself, I shared Dylan’s views of the north. When my husband’s job meant a move to the north, I had visions of grim, dirty old mill towns. What I found was rolling hills, mile upon mile of open moors for the dogs to enjoy and people who have a wit and warmth second to none. These days, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Have you had preconceived notions of people or places that have turned out to be completely unfounded?

Shirley Wells shares her Lancashire home with her husband and two dogs. For more information about her crime/mystery novels, visit her website. To chat about books, dogs, football, chocolate, wine or anything else that takes your fancy, find her on Twitter and/or Facebook.

What We Want—New Adult Romance!

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Happy New Year! Carina Press is always excited and proud to publish wonderful, genre-crossing New Adult fiction—some of which you’ll see above—and we’re looking for more in 2015! Here are some details on the types of New Adult books our editors are looking to acquire.

Angela James, Editorial Director, would like to see:

  • New adult heist caper and romance. (I’d actually take a heist story in any age range, but this is a good place to start!)
  • A spy or military-set suspense new adult romance.
  • New adult-set male/male romance, particularly deeply emotional or angsty romances. Would also love to see a story that is super sexy or even erotic.
  • Dark new adult romance that deals with the darker side of obsession, jealousy, possessiveness and discovering sexuality and kink.

Kerri Buckley, Senior Editor, would like to see:

  • New Adult romantic suspense—sons and daughters swept up into dark family businesses, military heroes and heroines, nonstop action combined with traditional NA themes.
  • Super sexy New Adult set outside of college campuses. Supremely alpha heroes preferred.
  • New Adult mysteries or NA novels with mysterious elements

Rhonda Helms, Freelance Editor, would like to see:

  • Diverse New Adult romance—LGBTQ, people of color, multicultural.
  • Edgy, intense, emotional contemporary New Adult romance.
  • Non-contemporary New Adult with strong characters, emotion, resonant romance.

Deborah Nemeth, Freelance Editor, would like to see:

  • New Adult with multicultural and interracial couples. African-American heroes, Latina heroines, Bollywood romances…

  • New Adult featuring heroes or heroines in uniform, including m/m, contemp and suspense.

Submit your new adult manuscripts to Carina Press now, right here!

Welcome Elizabeth Harmon, Caitlin Sinead and Alyssa Cole to Carina Press!

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This February we’re welcoming three new authors to Carina Press. Elizabeth Harmon, Caitlin Sinead and Alyssa Cole are here to introduce themselves and their fantastic forthcoming books! Comment on this post for a chance to win one of three sets of all three books when they release next month! Sweepstakes ends 11:59pm ET, January 31, 2015. Open to US/CAN residents, excluding QC. Full rules HERE.

Elizabeth Harmon, author of PAIRING OFF

The first time I laced on a pair of figure skates, it was the start of a love that’s lasted all my life. Though I never reached the Olympic podium—or any podium for that matter—the beauty and athleticism of figure skating leaves me in awe.  I also love the romance of it, especially when I watch a man and woman skating two as one, the essence of pair skating.

To capture that emotion was my goal when I wrote my debut novel, PAIRING OFF. The story of Carrie and Anton not only depicts the challenge of training to compete on the world’s biggest stage, the Winter Olympics, it’s also the story of a pairs figure skating duo who fall in love despite their differences.

Since I love fish out water stories, I decided to take my all-American heroine out of her comfort zone (and mine!) and drop her into the country best known for champion pair skating, Russia. Getting to know more about Russia…and Russians was a blast.  It was also fun to present that world and a sexy Russian hero, in a slightly different way.  “Pairing Off” is humorous and heartfelt.  And hot, especially when Anton and Carrie dive in for a late night skinny dip in a deserted swimming pool.

PAIRING OFF is the first installment in my debut Carina series, Red Hot Russians. I’m very excited to share three handsome heroes who know how to warm up the coldest nights, and show their heroines that in any language, love is a beautiful thing.

9781426899508-COVPAIRING OFF (available February 2, 2015)

American figure skater Carrie Parker’s Winter Games dreams were dashed when her philandering partner caused one of the greatest scandals in skating history. Blacklisted from competing in the United States, her career is over…until she receives a mysterious invitation and is paired with the most infuriating, talented—and handsome—skater she’s ever met.

Russian champion Anton Belikov knows sacrifice. He gave up a normal life and any hope of a meaningful relationship to pursue his dream. And he’s come close—with a silver medal already under his belt, the next stop is the gold. All he needs is a partner. While he’s never forgotten the young American skater he seduced one long-ago night in Amsterdam, he never expected to be confronted with their past…never mind share the ice with her.

When what starts as a publicity stunt grows into something real, Carrie and Anton’s partnership will test their loyalties to family, country and each other. With only a few months to train for the competition of a lifetime, can they master technique and their emotions, or will they lose their footing and fall victim to the heartaches of their pasts?


Preorder your copy now!
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Connect with Elizabeth!

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Caitlin Sinead, author of HEARTSICK

When I found out Carina Press wanted to publish my debut novel, I did a rather awkward, but very fun, happy dance. I couldn’t believe it. And now that we’re so close to the release date, I’m pinching myself even more!

I got the idea for HEARTSICK two years ago, but it has changed a lot since its original inception. Initially, I wanted to set the story in a small town that had been quarantined for a few years. Eventually, though, I decided that the start of the quarantine would be more interesting.

I didn’t set out to write a contemporary romance, but I love heavy romantic subplots, so I knew Quinn would also be falling in love. And after each revision, Quinn and Luke’s story become more and more prominent. I’ve surprised myself several times because on the 23rd, 48th, and 67th reads of certain scenes, I still get all giddy over their interactions.

While their relationship is a large aspect of the novel, the story also involves a mystery and speculative elements. I like to think there’s a little something for everyone. I’m very excited to share it with readers!

9781426899607-COVHEARTSICK (available February 16, 2015)

Quinn is looking forward to her senior year at Poe University. She has big plans to hang out with her best friend, flirt with a certain boy genius, party at her favorite dive bar and figure out what she’s going to do after graduation with her not-so-useful art major. But that’s before she meets Luke, a hot townie who’s moved back home to help take care of his dying sister. And it’s before a weird epidemic sweeps across campus, mysteriously turning people’s eyes purple.

Is it an odd side effect from a new party drug?
Is it a rogue virus developed in a campus lab?
Is it the mark of the devil?

Soon the town starts blaming the university and the student religious group becomes frighteningly aggressive in their on-campus accusations. Quinn and Luke are caught in the middle—until a tragic accident forces Luke to reveal the one part of himself he’s kept carefully hidden. That he’s so much more than the happy-go-lucky boy next door Quinn had believed him to be isn’t a surprise…but this truth might be too dangerous for her to handle.


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Alyssa Cole, author of RADIO SILENCE

Like most writers, I draw inspiration from both the world around me and the dark, creepy recesses of my mind. Radio Silence was written during a time when preparing for the Apocalypse was becoming a kind of trend—there was even a reality show! I found the whole thing interesting, because preparing for disaster had always been a part of my life. When I was a kid, I enjoyed collecting flashlights and Swiss Army knives, just in case. As an adult, friends made fun of me for my purse that was always stuffed with basically anything you could need in an emergency situation. In a way, preparing for the worst is a way of warding it off. But what if the Apocalypse, or something just as world changing, actually happened? How would people deal with the loss of creature comforts like Internet and cell phones, and the things that have become basic human rights, like clean water and access to food? What would you do if you were separated from your family, and how would you adapt to being thrown into an uncomfortable situation? Arden, the heroine, is a tough cookie, but she’s also just a girl who is worried to death about her parents. Gabriel is a smart, capable hero, but his main objective is keeping his family safe and happy. Radio Silence is a romance about finding laughter, hope, and love in the face of an uncertain future.

9781426899638-COVRADIO SILENCE (available February 2, 2015)

No one expects the apocalypse.

Arden Highmore was living your average postgrad life in Rochester, New York, when someone flipped the “off” switch on the world. No cell phones, no power, no running water—and no one knows why. All she and her roommate, John, know for sure is that they have to get out, stat. His family’s cabin near the Canadian border seemed like the safest choice.

It turns out isolation doesn’t necessarily equal safety.

When scavengers attack, it’s John’s ridiculously handsome brother, Gabriel, who comes to the rescue. He saves Arden’s life, so he can’t be all bad…but he’s also a controlling jerk who treats her like an idiot. Now their parents are missing and it seems John, Gabriel, their kid sister, Maggie, and Arden are the only people left alive who aren’t bloodthirsty maniacs.

No one knows when—or if—the lights will come back on and, in the midst of all that, Arden and Gabriel are finding that there’s a fine line indeed between love and hate. How long can they expect to last in this terrifying new world, be it together or apart?

Book one of Off the Grid


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