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Not your usual copy meeting


It was an ordinary Thursday morning and six people gathered around an inauspicious conference table to workshop cover copy changes for a number of upcoming Carina Press titles. Some have had coffee, some not so much. But this is more or less how the conversation goes in the first five minutes: “We could go with […]

BDSM for Beginners


by Tara Stevens, Carina Press acquisitions team Contrary to popular belief, BDSM does not stand for Big Dumb Stupid Men. :) Up until recently, I was pretty much a BDSM virgin. I mean, I knew what it stood for (unlike some of my more innocent colleagues here at Sexy Central), but I’d never actually sat […]

Sci-fi is for women, too


I remember when the first episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” aired, and Patrick Stewart declared that the crew of the Enterprise would “boldly go where no ONE has gone before.” In the original Star Trek, they were only going where no MAN has gone before. As a girl who grew up with Star […]

Where is your Atlantis?


When you’re living through a tough time, do you go somewhere lovely in your mind? I do. I experienced two periods of unhappiness in the navy. One was on my first ship, when the captain allowed his first lieutenant free rein to make everyone’s life hell, and I was too young and inexperienced to do […]

Nobody’s Hero


Genes shape who we are when we’re created. The argument of NATURE vs. NURTURE rears its head every time a baby is born. He has his mother’s eyes, his father’s nose, his grandfather’s hands. As a child grows, Nature comes into play even more. He’s allergic to peanuts just like his uncle, is left-handed like […]