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How Well Do You Know the Geeky Lexi Carmichael Series?


 The Lexi Carmichael Mystery series is back, with No Living Soul! New to the series? Start with No One Lives Twice.

A Chanukah Book (or Song) for Every Night


By Heather Goldberg, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Carina Press Just in time for the festival of lights, here are eight Chanukah books (and songs)—one for every night. 1. BALABOOSTA by Einat Admony The first night of Chanukah is my favorite. With piles of delicious latkes (with apple sauce, not sour cream, thank you) and sufganiyot (deep-fried […]

All The World’s A Stage: Romance Novel Themes in Theater


By Lucy Parker, author of ACT LIKE IT According to William Shakespeare, “Who ever lov’d that lov’d not at first sight?” And that sound you just heard was my West End starlet heroine from Act Like It almost dislocating her shoulder when her hand shot up. To the accompaniment of a derisive snort and cynical […]

Eight Impossible-Gifts-to-Get That Every Book Lover Actually Wants


There are lots of practical gifts for people, but this is what we’re wishing for this year! An extra hour (or 12) in the day to read. via GIPHY A promise that books lent to friends will be returned…and in the same condition they were lent out. via GIPHY Daily sales on ebooks. (RomanceDeals can […]

10 Real-life Struggles for Readers


Us readers are a special bunch, but we face struggles that non-readers just don’t understand! 1. You know you should go to bed, but there’s just one chapter left… via GIPHY 2. When the book is nowhere near as good as the movie. via GIPHY 3. Someone dares to talk to you while you’re reading. […]