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How Well Do You Know the Geeky Lexi Carmichael Series?


 The Lexi Carmichael Mystery series is back, with No Living Soul! New to the series? Start with No One Lives Twice.

Can You Solve A Mystery By Judging A Book By Its Cover?

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The Lexi Carmichael Mystery series returns July 4, with NO STRINGS ATTACHED! New to the series? Start with NO ONE LIVES TWICE.  

Eight Sticky Situations at Book Club: How to Deal


By Lisa Q. Mathews, author of PERMANENTLY BOOKED Everyone loves book club, right? Sharing your favorite titles, great refreshments, and hey, a night out! Sometimes, though, things can go wrong. My co-sleuths Summer and Dorothy found that out firsthand when they started their own book club to catch a murderer in PERMANENTLY BOOKED. Here are […]

Four Big Reasons to Join or Start a Book Club ASAP


By Julie Anne Lindsey, author of A GEEK GIRL’S GUIDE TO ARSENIC   In my new mystery series, The Geek Girl Mysteries, my heroine, Mia Connors, isn’t always cool, but when she is, it’s usually because she’s geeking out about something she loves. Family and chocolate aside, there’s nothing I love as much as books, […]

Four Reasons Darren and Izzy are Perfect for Each Other


By Jonathan Watkins, author of the Bright & Fletcher Mysteries series   1. They’re both dedicated to the cause of justice. http://comicbookcovers.tumblr.com/post/112987167333/public-defender-in-action-9-february-1957-cover They don’t have to spend their lives defending others but they keep at it, even in the face of overwhelming odds. 2. They’re both flawed. http://obsidian-sphere.tumblr.com/post/135165656644/argosy-march-23-1931-started-as-a-childrens Well, Darren. Darren is flawed. Izzy’s just a […]