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Change. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.


LIFE IS CHANGE. GROWTH IS OPTIONAL. CHOOSE WISELY. Anonymous We’ve all heard that there are two things we can rely on in life: death and taxes. Well, for writers, there is another. Change. Change is all around us and it is a part of life. We see change in the seasons and the weather. People […]



Susan Edwards ~ Myth, Magic & Wonder A couple days ago, I redesigned my banner for my website and sent it to my son who deals with my website.  I loved what I did but knew he’d find fault.  After all, he’s a programmer, which makes pleasing his sensibilities with my creativity nearly impossible.  And […]



Science fiction world-building, as my fellow Carina Press author KS Augustin pointed out in her post about IN ENEMY HANDS, must feel natural to the reader, almost like you could slip into it as easily as walking inside your own house.  With historical novels, it’s no different. In order to get the setting just right for CAPTIVE SPIRIT, […]



So there I was, minding my own business this past January when a tweet flashed across my laptop from a seemingly nice editor lady named Angela James. “Send your historical novels to Carina Press!” she tweeted. “Our editors are hungry for historicals!” Historicals? I thought. I’ve written one that I love.  Maybe this Angela lady will love it, too? […]