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What’s in a name?


Hi again. Just in case you’re wondering, I’ve never been a reporter but I have worked for newspapers and with reporters. In fact, I worked for one of the local newspapers in Whitehorse, the Yukon city featured in On Her Trail. I took liberties with physical location of the office, along with its name and […]

Excerpt from On Her Trail


Welcome back! In my earlier blog, I talked about the road to publication. Now I figure you might like to get a sense of what On Her Trail is about. Laura, whose adventures as a fearless reporter have led her all over Eastern Europe, covering the seamier side of politics, has moved back to Canada […]

Confessions of a non-romantic


Hi everyone! Marcelle here. So nice of you to drop by. First, a confession: I don’t have a romantic bone in my body. Honest. Ask anybody. Well, don’t ask my friend Karen. She thinks I’m a closet romantic. Romance always seems to creep into my stories. I don’t know why. Maybe Karen’s right. While I […]