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Genre Spotlight: Post Apocalyptic


The world as you know it may have ended, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great stories to be told. Post Apocalyptic fiction is all about life after the civilization we know is brought to an end, leading to action, adventure and romance! Three Post Apocalyptic Reads You’ll Love:   Signal Boost by Alyssa Cole When […]

Free Read: The Adventures of Cassius Flynn and Molly McGuire by Eleri Stone


Enjoy a free Reapers short story by Eleri Stone with a new chapter each weekday from July 7 to July 23. Don’t miss Book One of the Reapers series, Reaper’s Touch (available now), and look for Book Two, Gun Shy, on sale September 1, 2014. The Adventures of Cassius Flynn and Molly McGuire: A Reapers […]

Starting Over


I started Reaper’s Touch about three years ago. Some stories you have to work for every word but Reaper’s Touch was easy. Wild West meets bio-plague apocalypse. Cowboys vs. Zombies. The world was interesting, the characters came to me fully formed and whispering in my ear, and the story seemed to practically write itself. So why […]