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Snarky Heroines Forever


Here’s something that might surprise you, given that I’m a straight male sci-fi author in my early thirties: of all the heroines I’ve written, including hot space pirates, buxom models and nubile warrior women, by far and away the most popular with readers is Grace Peters, a snarky deep space prospector approaching retirement age. Grace […]

Carina Press Presents: Editor’s Choice Volume II


By Shirley Wells, Janni Nell, Julie Moffett and Robert Appleton (each will answer four questions…and only four…under pain of death) Stay tuned for a giveaway contest at the end. To help celebrate this second anniversary, and to showcase the variety of stories published at Carina Press, Angela James and Deb Nemeth invited the four of […]

Persistance and the Runner’s Journey


We all know and love the success stories in this industry. The meteoric rises from obscurity. The hit-after-hit careers that inspire generations of writers. The self-publishing phenomena, bucking trends and making millions in seemingly no time at all. They spur the rest of us on. No matter how realistic we say we are about our […]

Dinosaurs Terrorize Steampunk!


[Stay tuned for a contest at the end of this post.] When did you first encounter dinosaurs? In a children’s pop-up book? A school field trip to the local museum? On the big screen in Spielberg’s Jurassic Park? Maybe in the classic King Kong, or the not-so-classic Doug McClure fantasy outings (okay, we’ll let him […]

Walking the SF Plank


Remember the execution scene in Return of the Jedi, when Luke and Han are forced to walk the plank over the Sarlacc Pit? Classic pulp sci-fi stuff. I mean there’s no way they can get out of that mess, right? R2? Well, that scene gave me nightmares as a kid. The appalling odds (shut up, […]