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Time Travel Can Mess With Your Brain

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I’ve always loved the concept of time travel. One of my favourite movies is Back To The Future. I loved the crazy professor, the DeLorean time machine, and the “flux capacitor” which magically made the time machine work. I also loved how neatly interwoven the past and present were, and how, when Marty McFly returned […]

Catch Me I’m Falling: A Hero’s Playlist


Sept 18, 2012 – When it comes to writing, I typically prefer to listen to Pandora’s soundtrack radio–soundtracks offer me the wide variety of action songs with sweeping sections and high intensity. They also offer moody, melancholy movements that summon tears to the eyes.  Songs like The Kiss from The Last of the Mohicans soundtrack […]

A Case of Fiction Imitating Life


As I write this post, I’ve been without the internet for four days. A storm blew in and knocked out our tower, an all-important tower that links to a satellite, my only means of internet communication. Maria is not a happy camper—but she’s gone through worse. (Yes, that’s me climbing the back side of a […]

There’s No Time Like the Past


by Dana Grimaldi eHarlequin Copy Editor I am not a competitive person. But when it comes to time travel, I’ll put all reservations aside. Let me explain. Every Tuesday morning, I go to work looking forward to the Carina Press acquisitions meeting. I love discussing the manuscripts I’ve read with fellow team members, and I […]