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Something Missing in Monster Haven


By R.L. Naquin, author of DEMONS IN MY DRIVEWAY  Hello! It’s me again! I think my books are coming out faster than I can write them. Demons in My Driveway is book five in the Monster Haven series. Five! That can’t be right. I just started writing them last week, didn’t I? Honestly, this particular […]

Defining Sexy


  If someone did a study of the heroes of romances, the physical characteristics that make the hero sexy are somewhat standard. How many can you name? Strong jaw. Piercing eyes. Defined abs. That little cut on the lower abdomen that makes so many women drool… But in real life, women’s definition of sexy can […]

Mind on the Run


Reading has always been my favorite escape. Well, that or champagne and chocolate on the beach. (In my fantasy world the champagne is always chilled, the chocolate rarely melts, and sand never creeps into uncomfortable places.) I was neck-deep in winter and in desperate need of distraction when I wrote Don’t Bite the Messenger, my […]

A saying for every occasion


Here’s two facts about me that you’ll need to know when you read my stories. First, my parents are from the West Indies. Second, I was raised in the South. Well, there you go. Have a nice day. Oh wait…you don’t get it? That could only mean one thing–you don’t have to deal with that […]