A Carina year in review

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It’s hard for me to look back at 2010 and say “here’s what we did” because honestly? It feels like there was so much of it. 2010 was our year of launch. And since we only announced our existence in November 2009, that means we did…pretty much everything that was needed for launch during the months leading up to June 2010. Here’s some of the craziness the Carina Press team accomplished before June:

* Read and acquired just under 40 titles for launch PLUS all of the titles to be released in July, August and September

* Edited and copy edited all those titles. Wrote back cover copy for those titles. And created cover art for all those titles.

* Contracted with ten freelance editors and…I think six or seven copy editors

* Worked with our amazing and hardworking legal team to draft and fine tune contracts

* Created processes for everything from formatting, scheduling, and creating books, to metadata, emailing authors and every other process you can think of for publishing a book

* Developed the Carina Press website (both the placeholder site and the commerce site) and created content for both

* Wrote blog content 3-5 times a week

* Developed marketing, promotion, social media strategies and utilized leading up to launch

* Worked with Audible.com to get first books into production for audiobook release.

* Worked with online etailers to get Carina content for sale.

* Many, many, many meetings to discuss the smallest details imaginable.

* And 100s of other small things I won’t bore you with listing. All of them before our June launch date.

Of course, after June, there were still 6 months of the year to get through and we didn’t just sit around during those months either! Here’s some of the other things we accomplished in 2010:

*101 titles published from June to December

* 3 Christmas collections planned, acquired and published

* Working with Direct to Consumer to provide Carina books to subscribers

* Acquired (and edited and formatted and published and wrote cover art and cover copy some of them) books for scheduling from September 2010 through Summer 2011.

* Hired even more freelance editors and copy editors!

* Made some groovy plans for 2011 including:  by-invitation-only collections, a ramped-up Carina newsletter you’ll look forward to reading (you can sign up for the newsletter following the link at the top of this site), targeted marketing, further utilization of rights, attendance at close to 20 conferences and individual RWA chapters, as well as a swag or marketing presence at others, and oh so many more (groovy) plans.

I think everyone on the Carina Press team can agree that 2010 was an incredible year. Busy and sometimes stressful, but always interesting and utterly fantastic. So a sincere thank you to the Carina Press authors and all of the readers and reviewers who’ve supported us in such amazing ways this past year. Your tremendous support, word-of-mouth marketing and genuine enthusiasm was what made every moment of hard work worth it. Thank you!